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Kevin Owens is your new WWE Universal Champion



A new WWE Universal Champion was crowned tonight in Houston. Kevin Owens won his first WWE world title with just a little help from an unlikely savior.

Big Cass was the first man eliminated in the scheduled fatal 4-way main event to crown a new champion after Finn Balor was forced to vacate the strap due to injury. Big Cass was the first man eliminated. The 7-footer got softened up a little bit after eating a Superman punch from Roman Reigns and a super kick from Seth Rollins, allowing Kevin Owens to hit a frog splash before pinning Cass and sending him packing. Cass looked super strong before getting pinned giving the boot of doom on more than a few occasions to anyone in his vicinity.

Reigns would be the second man eliminated after, surprise surprise, Triple H returned for the first time since losing his title to “The Guy” at WresleMania 32. HHH appeared out of nowhere to deliver a pedigree to Reigns outside of the ring. Trips then rolled Reigns into the ring and signaled for his golden boy, Rollins, to cover him. Rollins did as he was told, eliminating Reigns, leaving just him or Owens to be crowned the new Universal champ. HHH would then grab Rollins and roll him into the ring. He’d take his suit jacket off before grabbing Owens to deliver a…wait…what???

HHH double crosses Rollins and delivers a pedigree to the man who he had groomed to follow in his footsteps. A shocked Owens hesitates for a moment before pinning Rollins…1…2…3. Kevin Owens is your new WWE Universal Champion. Triple H approves and raises his hand, walking him around the ring to show him off before walking past a an upset Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon. History has just been made inside of the Toyota Center after a shocking turn of events.

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