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LaVar Ball makes magic on Miz TV (video)



Proud of father of 3 and Big Baller brand CEO, LaVar Ball, made magic tonight in Los Angeles.

Ball appeared with two of his sons, Lonzo (this year’s 2nd overall pick in the NBA Draft to the Los Angeles Lakers) and LaMelo (a point guard at Chino Hills who is committed to UCLA) as guests on tonight’s episode of Miz TV.

While Lonzo did receive a nice little babyface pop when he mentioned that this was the first time he walked into Staples Center as a Laker, it was LaVar who stole the show. The story was that Miz wanted to align himself with Big Baller Brand but LaVar didn’t believe he was a big enough star to do so. This ended with both men puffing out their chests before Dean Ambrose would come out in a Big Baller Brand shirt to confront Miz before a 6-man tag match pitting Ambrose, Rhyno and Heath Slater against The Miz and he two newest cronies, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, ensued.

LaVar’s appearance was one of the better “celebrity” guest appearances on RAW in recent memory. And while that’s not saying much, it was refreshing to see a true character give us the kind of ridiculously silly comic relief these guest spots are meant for. The man is a natural for this business and should be called upon again for a storyline in the near future.

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