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LeBron Snubs Undertaker: Ideas for a Rebuttal



The Undertaker is announced for tonight’s 900th episode of Smackdown; his first public appearance since showing up to congratulate the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena a few weeks ago. The union made sense after LeBron James sported an Undertaker t-shirt postgame (to critical acclaim) in last season’s playoffs. Cavaliers star, and noted wrestling fan Kevin Love was also photographed with a WWE Championship belt, and has even been rumored to hold a torch for Charlotte Flair. One might think an appearance by The Phenom would be church bells to all of the Cavs’ ears. James, however, was not having it.

King James apparently “snubbed” the Deadman, as the two did not meet or pose for a photo like many of his teammates. Despite his endorsement of Takercvpio1kuaaa94zg through his wardrobe, LeBron is evidently not a fan of sudden public meetings, regardless of how many WrestleMania victories you have. The Undertaker settled for Love and some of the other Cavaliers, before returning to his quiet existence away from the public eye.

On Tuesday, the Undertaker will appear in front of the WWE Universe to celebrate Smackdown’s 900th episode. While extracurricular activity is not synonymous with Taker’s vibe, it would be perfection to jab back at James. How can he do it? Here are some ideas:

  • Throw a LeBron James jersey in a casket
  • Make a Stephen Curry reference
  • Make a Chicago Cubs reference
  • Tombstone someone in a James jersey
  • Challenge James to a match at WrestleMania (Hey, Shaq might wrestle – you never know)
  • Destroy a King’s crown
  • Invite him to WrestleMania as personal guest, send James Ellsworth to say hello

Any acknowledgement of LeBron or the Cavs by the Undertaker is less likely than Shane McMahon wearing scuffed Jordans, but for the inhabitants of the small slice of the world that I live in (wrestling/basketball nerds), it is worth putting out in the atmosphere.

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