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Let Down By Hulk Hogan




We don’t have to repeat what he said. Anyone capable of typing words into a search engine can find the disappointing words from Hulk Hogan. The same man who urged kids to say their prayers and eat their vitamins mouthed some pretty despicable words that went viral within the last 24 hours. WWE has been one step ahead of the story, already cutting ties with Hogan. He will no longer be a judge on Tough Enough, and has been removed from all profiles; the company didn’t even display a picture of Hogan when they released a statement online. Curtis Axel’s “Axelmania” gimmick spoofing Hulk Hogan has apparently been stopped, effective immediately. It’s a grim situation.

We shouldn’t want Hogan back on WWE programming, but of course we’ll ask: is this the end of a wrestling icon? It should be, at least for a very long time. It’s 2015, and such remarks should not be tolerated by any company leading their industry. If for nothing else, for forcing mothers and fathers to explain to children why they shouldn’t wear a Hulkamania shirt right now. Or, for making a wrestling nerd in his thirties, who occasionally writes, take down Hulk Hogan stuff in his man-cave. It’s an unfortunate scar on an otherwise great career of bringing joy and entertainment to several generations of wrestling fans.

It’s a lot to process. So many thoughts go through one’s head: I wish I didn’t’ own Hulk Hogan merchandise. Will WWE address it on-air? I wish Randy Savage was alive. Should I not say ‘brother’ anymore? Hopefully, Terry Bollea will learn from his mistake, but who knows if it will ever be a priority for him? As for us, the wrestling fans, we should appreciate what we have in the squared circle today. John Cena might “suck”, but he’d never do something like this. CM Punk quit his job, but he’s quite accepting of diversity. Daniel Bryan doesn’t tell kids to eat their vegetables, he just eats his vegetables. Kevin Owens manages to be a great heel, and a proud family man. It’s not all bad. Hulk Hogan represents what wrestling used to be. We just have to move on from this incident, and maybe from Hulk Hogan all together.

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