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The McMahon Family meets the President



Linda McMahon is officially a part of President Donald Trump’s cabinet as of this week. So this meant, naturally as one does when they are being sworn in as the head of the Small Business Administration, Linda took the family to come and meet some of the most powerful people in America.

First, in her swearing-in ceremony, she was sworn in by Vice President, Mike Pence. She had her grandchildren there to hold the bible, which could be just a nice thing to do for your grandkids, but some have theorised that it is to make her seem more ‘human’. Photos of this event can be found on Linda McMahon’s Facebook page, and this is where we see the children of Shane and Stephanie for the first time, as they’ve tried their hardest to keep their faces from being seen by the public.

We also get to see the family take numerous photos with the President in the Oval Office. Let me tell you straight away – pictures do speak a thousand words. We see the McMahon bunch take a family photo with the man who tax payers forgot, as Vince, Stephanie, Shane and Triple H are all present with their various children. One of the McMahon kids also brought a little photo of Trump and Vince from WrestleMania 23. It’s a sobering reminder of how real this all is. Also, Triple H had his eyes closed in this photo. Just something to point out.

Anyway, we see the Donald, Linda and Vince all standing behind a flag. Linda looks happy to be there, Vince looks proud of his wife and Trump is happy that Kellyanne Conway came back to the White House with his McDonald’s order (it’s a known fact that he eats a lot of McDonalds, okay. Google it.)

She also met with George Logan, Senator-elect from Connecticut. This is a good Segway to why I think Linda went after this job. We all know Linda has had three failed Senate campaigns, which forced WWE to go PG and have ads during WWE programming. This is why in 2008 they did the stupid Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama match with two wrestlers pretending to be the then-Presidential candidates.

I identify, personally, as liberal – and I can say Democrats didn’t go after her like other Trump cabinet members because she showed passion in interviews and hearings. We know as wrestling fans, WWE are not very open to small business in the wrestling industry, with very shady practices that go all the way back to the territory days. That’s a story for another time.

When her role in the Trump Administration is over, it is likely she will run for Senate again, or heck, maybe even President. She wants to be in the political arena. She wants to be elected for office. Why I say she will run for President is because Trump won. He had no prior experience with politics before his campaign in 2000 and then later in 2016. Linda is still classified as an ‘outsider’ by many of the Republican base, which we know if she ran she’d be trying to rally, so just because she has this new job, it doesn’t exclude her from the Trump treatment. Senate too may be an option; it is still a respectful role.

In closing, Linda and co. met the President. Linda wants a career in politics, and I don’t think she’ll be done after this SBA stint is over. Do you think Linda should/will run for President? Is this all too weird? Is this real? Are we all going to be okay? – I know that we’re all going to get along in this discussion because everything political can be settled with kind words.

Keep it clean, people.

Known for his thoughts on politics, wrestling and Henshin, Harry researches lost and obscure media. He formally ran the 'Harry's Commentary Table' YouTube channel and makes various appearances on both wrestling and non-wrestling related channels. Harry has since moved on from Fight Booth to explore other opportunities.

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