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LISTEN: Seth Rollins thanks Roman Reigns during championship pin



Seth Rollins shocked the wrestling world last night when he left WrestleMania 31 with the WWE world heavyweight championship. Although viewed as the top heel of the company, it was a WrestleMania moment that had everyone on their feet. Seeing a full timer who has closed and opened more shows and put on more quality matches than anyone on the roster over the past year finally get what he deserves was rather refreshing.

In order to get the title, Rollins would have to nail both Brock Lesnar and his former Shield “brother” Roman Reigns with his signature finisher – the curb stomp. In the following video, we hear Rollins thank Reigns while he pins him to become the first member of The Shield to win the world heavyweight strap. It’s a beautiful moment, just one of many that will link these two for the rest of their lives.