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Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground (3.30.16) Episode Review



Welcome Back to the Temple Dario Cueto! Live music was playing, El Jefe was in the ring, the candles were gone from the office, and all was right in the world.

The night opened with Pentagon Jr. demanding a match against Matanza, since he was excluded from Aztec Warfare. After almost breaking Dario Cueto’s arm, El Jefe was forced to give him an opportunity

Tag Match
Taya and Johnny Mundo vs Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro

Taya was off to a strong start, but Johnny Mundo (true to form) tagged her back, forcing his way into the match. Cisco almost pinned Taya, but Mundo broke up the pin, just to be interrupted by Cage making his way to the ring. Cisco and Castro pick up the win on the distraction.

Mundo vs. Cage is going to be amazing.

Is there anything creepier than Marty the Moth, in a sweater talking history of the Aztec Moth Tribe? While Marty “reads” from a book, educating us on their rightful place in the Temple, and the mariposa mask which was passed down through generations, now “the deadliest Mariposa of them all” has it.  All the while Mariposa brutally defeats three masked luchadores outside.

Black Lotus stands guard outside Dario Cueto’s office. Catrina appears in the office from the darkness. Catrina threatens that death will visit Matanza and she will regain control of the Temple.

Trios Match 
Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse (c) vs. The Disciples of Death

This is an elimination Trios match, once you are pinned you must leave ring side.

Angelico starts the match Barrio Negro, Son of Havoc tags his way in, tags Ivelisse in. Proving howfar these three have come as a unit.

Ivelisse is first eliminated, on a Catrina distraction by El Sinestro de la Muerte

Trece is the next eliminated by Angelico. Angelico eliminated by Sinestro after receiving a sloppy drop and landing face first into the ring. Son of Havoc eliminates Barrio Negro.

Catrina knocks Son of Havoc off the top rope, and Ivelisse comes to his rescue from back stage.

Son of Havoc climbs the ropes a second time, pins Sinestro and the team of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico retain their championships.

Rey Mysterio Jr is in Dario Cueto’s office to discuss Dragon Azteca. The Dragon Azteca is in the Temple to find out what happened to his mentor, although Cueto denies any knowledge of what happened to him. Cueto invites them both to the Temple, under the condition that they “leave the past in the past.”

Sexy Star (accompanied by the Mack) vs. Mariposa (accompanied by Marty “The Moth” Matinez)

This was Mariposa’s first singles match, and Sexy Star looked scared (trust me, I’m just as shocked as you are). Sexy Star starts the match being very evasive, sliding out of the ring, but Marty the Moth threw her back in.

Sexy Star did come around but Mariposa takes the win after delivering a devastating butterfly effect, taking this match in short order.

“The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs. Pentagon Jr.

Matanza dominated this match. Tried to unmask Pentagon, who shockingly didn’t have a chance against the Monster. Matanza took the match, and continued to destroy Pentagon Jr. in the ring. Vampiro jumped in the ring, only to be knocked down by Matanza.

Matanza continued to beat up Pentagon through him through the announce table, yup you read that right – through the announce table! Pentagon Jr. had to leave on a stretcher.

I have a feeling this is not going to end well for anyone involved here.

That’s it – what happened on LU this week. You’re welcome.

Drea Mitchell is a lifelong wrestling fan. She loves violence, good storytelling and her sons. You can find her on Twitter @shewatcheslucha