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Lucha Underground 6/3/2015 episode rewind




The wrestling in Lucha Underground is unparalleled right now, combined with its cohesive storylines and out of ring characters; I’m surprised if any of you aren’t watching yet. Here’s a recap of what happened inside Dario Cueto’s temple on last nights episode.

Jack Evans vs. Argenis

Before this match even started Dario Cueto came to ring to explain how none of the LU fans would be into this contest (nothing like putting a little confidence into your wrestlers, right?) so he thought he would give the fans something to cheer about, one of his “unique opportunities.”  Evans and Argenis would be fighting for one of the remaining medallions. I’m not sure yet what these medallions will do, but based on who Cueto is, I can’t imagine its anything good.

This is Argenis’ first full match back since Pentagon Jr. broke his arm a few months back (when he was breaking everyone’s arm) and Jack Evans second match since his arrival in the Temple, so I wasn’t sure how this match would play out, and I love that.

The entire match was high-flying, Jack Evans was so impressive, again, even though his personality is absolutely rubbing fans the wrong way, you can’t overlook his talent, which speaks for itself.

Evans won this match with a beautiful pin, a backslide into a bridge over the body of Argenis. Pretty rad.

Trios Championship:

Delavar Daivari, Big Ryk and Cage vs. Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse

In pre-match vignette Daivari is looking for a trios team. Big Ryk will always take the money, so he joins up quickly and offers up his cousin Mack for the third. Cage appears from nowhere, beats up Mack and takes his slot, just that easy. Although it’s got to play out poorly in the future for all members involved, Cage for messing with Mack, and Big Ryk for walking away from family.

The match was exactly what you expect; Big Ryk is impressive, Cage’s strength is scary, and I could watch Son of Havoc and Angelico all day. Their moves are reckless, but flawless. Ivelisse (still with a broken foot) barked orders from the side. I have no idea what Daivari is doing. He’s an alright wrestler, but he totally disappeared amongst this crew.

Texano Jr. (seeking revenge for Big Ryk’s interference two weeks back) came out and attacked Daivari, and the champions retained.

I love trios competition. These champs are, for my money, the best thing in wrestling right now, across all promotions.

Main Event:

Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr.

This match has played out before, but this time it was in the Temples first ever submission match.

Pentagon Jr. dedicates the match to his master, and is out for serious blood. Sexy Star has beaten him before, and is role model material. Pentagon Jr. is known for breaking arms, and she still gets in the ring with him time and time again.

Superfly (who lost a mask vs. mask match to Sexy Star a few weeks back) appeared at ringside to attack Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr. seized the opportunity for the win. However Pentagon is ruthless and won’t stop at the win, he pushes the ref out of the ring and tries to break Sexy’s arm. Vampiro, former wrestler, current color commentator, and on a personal mission to prove that although women can be strong independent wrestlers, chivalry isn’t dead, jumps into the ring and gets Sexy Star to safety.

I don’t know if I’m super excited or super nervous for whatever is going to come out of that interaction.

Needs a mention:

A lot of story line is going on, and I can’t possibly get to it all (so you should probably be watching) but I think Chavo is the man to watch in the upcoming weeks. Last week he took over the training of Black Lotus from “you know who” (for the record, no. No I don’t) and this week he quickly sold her out, quite literally to Dario Cueto.

Black Lotus held her own back stage like a champ against Chavo and the Crew, but we will have to see how she looks in the ring. The women in LU are few but mighty.

So that’s it, another Lucha Rewind in the books, as always let me know what you think, how you feel, if I hurt your feelings by not focusing more on Vampiro (it kinda hurt my feelings too) you can find me on Twitter @shewatcheslucha or post your comments below.