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Lucha Underground ‘All Night Long’ Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo recap and highlights




Last Night featured the first Iron Man match in Lucha Underground history. The show is only an hour long, so one match, one hour and I would argue that it was the best professional wrestling show on TV this week, even if your show has three hours and 20 matches.

I really think you should go watch this match, I’ve already watched it twice. I won’t be able to do it justice, but I’ll give you some of it. So here it goes:

This is an Iron Man Match for the Lucha Underground Championship, currently held by Price Puma, against Johnny Mundo, a man who has put on some of the best LU matches I’ve seen.

The match started off remarkably slow, a hand shake, and a few minutes of feeling each other out. Konnan was not at ring side, something I was personally thankful for. Puma won the first fall, and Mundo was quick to follow using the ropes to cheat his way to a tie on the scoreboard.

After flying to the outside of the ring Mundo finds a crowbar under the ring and uses it to knock Puma out. Puma is down and Mundo, being the amazing heel he is, takes full advantage. Mundo pins Puma twice, delivers his end of the world and scores another pin fall, putting Mundo ahead 4-1. This isn’t something you’ll see in every Iron Man match, a guy taking full advantage of his opponent being knocked out and ringing up as many falls as possible. A true heel move and it was lovely. To top off his three consecutive falls Mundo stops for drink of water. Classy.

Mundo went on to set up tables and a ladder, and drags Puma’s still barely moving body across the Temple. Just as Mundo was about to reach the top of the stands Puma sprang to life and scurried up the wall to meet Mundo. Puma slammed Mundo on the floor, with one of the worst sounds I’ve heard in wrestling in a while, and went to add two more tables to the stack. Puma climbed the wall again, but Mundo quickly dispatched him, sending him back to the floor and riding the ladder over to the band, encouraging them to play a mid-match interlude. Puma climbs the ladder, breaks a guitar over Mundo’s head and both of them fall to the floor through all four tables. Mundo cuts his head open on the fall, and Puma is the first to rise to his feet.

Puma scores two more pin falls and Mundo, realizing he’s in trouble on the count decides to run for it. Unfortunately he runs right into Alberto El Patron, who hasn’t been seen in the Temple since Mundo “Jannettied” him through Cueto’s window.

El Patron knocks Mundo down the stairs and Puma ties up the fall count.

After that, with only a couple of minutes left on the clock the pace picked up and it was amazing move after move, pin attempts back and forth, it really could have gone either way. Puma however pulled out the win, and retained the title.

All match long Mundo pulls out some amazing heel stunts. Puma refuses to quit. The entire match was poetry. And honestly that’s where I’m going to end my review. Go watch it. I can never do it justice. This recap is missing so much, but I don’t have enough space to tell you all that happened.

Go watch it, tell me what you think.