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Lucha Underground Episode 1, Season 2 Recap




Don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar.” – Matt Striker

Finally, after months of waiting, speculation, and anticipation, season two of Lucha Underground has arrived. And it arrived with major style and great story. Were we expecting anything less?

This season opening with the release of Vampiro from the mental health facility where he has apparently been spending the last six months of his life. After bullshitting his way through the exit interview, and agreeing to take an anti-psychotic, he is released to the loving care of Matt Striker, waiting in a sweet ride somewhere in the desert.

As a new addition to the second season Catrina now occupies el Jefe’s office, and Mil Muertes rules the temple from a throne overlooking the Temple.

Fenix appears, Gift of the Gods in hand, to tell Catrina that he is ready to trade in his gift for a shot at the championship. Catrina (and Mil Muetres) however have other ideas, and put Fenix in the first match of the season, to defend his Gift of the Gods against King Cuerno.

Fenix vs King Cuerno

With the Gift on the line, no one held back in this match (they never do anyway). Fenix’s in ring work is nothing short of spectacular. He lands on the ropes and flies through them, and off of them, as if it were the easiest thing man has ever accomplished.

King Cuerno, however can, and does, quickly change the momentum of a match with his raw power. His powerful kicks quickly shifted the upper hand in this match.

The back and forth forced you to the edge of your seat, and in spite of many near falls, King Cuerno took the gift, and now has the power to trade it in for a number one contender spot.

In the locker room the former Trios Champions; Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico, met with Catrina to express their intent on regaining the titles they once held.

Of course, with the ultimate power in their hands, Catrina and Mil Muertes decide to put the three teammates against one another in a number one contenders match to face Mil Muertes for the championship.

Ivelisse vs. Son of Havoc vs. Angelico

If you have ever seen these three in a match you knew this match was going to be non-stop and breathtaking.

With three amazing competitors in the ring the match held a fast pace, and I watched the match a second time to make sure I saw it all.

The most devastating moves of the fight had to be Angelico putting his knee through Ivelisse’s face. It looked so painful I felt it in my living room. Followed by those fierce kicks by Ivelisse. I don’t care how big you are; you can see the power behind them. And of course the standing moonsault by Son of Havoc is flawless every time.

Against staggering odds (and to the disbelief of the Twitterverse watching LU for the first time) Ivelisse pulled out a win and became the first number one contender of the new season.

Ivelisse vs. Mil Muertes

Immediately following the number one contenders match, the championship match began.

Mil Muertes descended from his throne, while Son of Havoc and Angelico stayed in the corner of their teammate. However, that was short lived. The Disciples of Death soon crawled into the Temple, attacking the two men, and carrying them out of the ring and back to the locker room. In the confusion Catrina attacked Ivelisse and dragged her to Mil Muertes.

In spite of the obvious size difference, the match was well fought. Ivelisse held her own delivering a serious choke hold and a wrenching arm bar while suspended over the ropes.

Catrina again found herself in the middle of the action grabbing Ivelisse, who stepped out of the way just in time for Catrina to receive a staggering spear. I’m not kidding even a little, it was devastating.

Mil Muertes quickly recovered and after delivering the flatliner pinned Ivelisse for the win.

Never satisfied, Catrina decided instead of her usual match ending lick of death that Mil Muertes should continue his attack. With her allies out of play, things did not look good for our heroine, but up steps Prince Puma, in the first act of heroics of the season, pulls Ivelisse out of the ring to safety.

Pentagon Jr. had made his way to the ring while the focus was on Prince Puma. He attacked Mil Muertes from behind and delivered his signature arm breaker.

While outside the Temple we see Black Lotus help some lost gentlemen find their way to “an underground fighting” ring. When they pull up outside an unmarked building they find Dario Cueto waiting outside. After criticizing Black Lotus (which she didn’t take kindly, quickly breaking his nose for his trouble) Cueto charges them an entry fee and allows them inside. Little did they know, Dario Cueto has a brother, who eats those who disappoint el Jefe.

Episode one ends with the sounds of screams from those unfamiliar with the ways of Lucha Underground.

Episode two is sure to deliver in big ways. Will Dario Cueto resume his rightful position as leader of the Temple? How will Pentagon Jr.’s alignment with Vampiro effect his goals for this season? How many people will Matanza actually eat? Let me know your thoughts, feelings, disappointments (don’t lie, you don’t have any) and I’ll be back next week.

image credit – @LuchaElRey

Drea Mitchell is a lifelong wrestling fan. She loves violence, good storytelling and her sons. You can find her on Twitter @shewatcheslucha