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Video: Machida finishes Belfort’s career with a devastating front kick KO



In a fitting end to a fight career that spanned over two decades, Vitor Belfort’s final moment inside of the Octagon saw him eating yet another front kick to the face.

Similar to the iconic UFC 126 finish by the foot of Anderson Silva just over seven years ago, Belfort ate a clean front kick to the face that would drop him to the canvas for the final time — but this time it was Lyoto Machida delivering the blow.

Ever the sportsman, Machida would refrain from any more unnecessary follow up violence following the instant KO. Instead, he’d bow to his unconscious opponent, creating an image that won’t soon leaving our memory banks.

The knockout was also reminiscent of Machida’s highlight reel crane kick KO that finished the career of Hall of Famer Randy Couture just months after the Silva-Belfort KO.

Belfort leaves the sport with a 26-14 career record. The Brazilian still holds the record for most KOs in UFC history with 12 and most first round finishes with 13.

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