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Mae Young Classic: Parade of Champions



It was a very special night in Orlando where all 32 competitors participating in the inaugural Mae Young Classic were introduced before the first night of tapings ensued. You can learn a little bit about each competitor above and check out the full list below.

Abbey Laith (United States)
Ayesha Raymond (England/UK)
Bianca BelAir (United States)
Candice LeRae (United States)
Dakota Kai (New Zealand)
Jazzy Gabet (Germany)
Kairi Sane (Japan)
Kavita (India)
Kay Lee Ray (Scotland/UK)
Lacey Evans (United States)
Marti Belle (Dominican Republic/United States)
Mercedes Martinez (United States)
Mia Yim (South Korea)
Miranda Salinas (United States)
Nicole Savoy (United States)
Piper Niven (United States)
Princessa Sugehit (Mexico)
Rachel Evers (United States)
Reina Gonzalez (United States)
Renee Michelle (United States)
Rhea Ripley (Australia)
Sage Beckett (United States)
Santana Garrett (United States)
Sarah Logan (United States)
Serena Deeb (United States)
Shanya Baszler (United States)
Taynara Conti (Brazil)
Tessa Blanchard (United States)
Toni Storm (Australia)
Vanessa Borne (United States)
Xia Li (China)
Zeda (China)

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