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McGregor catches the champ slipping, swipes Aldo’s belt in Dublin



There were enough classic moments on the UFC 189 world tour to keep MMA media typing away until Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo do battle on July 11th. The tour came to a close today in Dublin, the backyard of the challenger, and it nearly came to fisticuffs after he decided to steal the champion’s belt right out from under his eyes.

When Aldo would refer to himself as the “King of Dublin,” Conor would place his feet upon the table as he did back in Brazil on day one of the tour when he referred to himself as the “King of Rio.” Aldo, mocking McGregor, would then place his feet up on his side of the table, that was when the challenger would find his golden opportunity. Cue the belt swipe. Enjoy.

You can watch the full replay of the madness that took place in Dublin earlier today right here.

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