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MFC 40: Sam Alvey and Tom Gallicchio bring the belts home to Team Quest



gallicchioSam Alvey and teammate Tom Gallicchio finished their opponents in their title fights at MFC 40: Crowned Kings. Gallicchio essentially won the belt twice as he choked out Kurt Southern again to officially win the lightweight belt. While Alvey defended his middleweight title for the first time and in typical Smilin’ Sam fashion it was exciting.

In Alvey’s fight with Wes Swofford they had each other in trouble in the first twenty seconds of the fight. It was crazy with both fighters getting dropped in the opening moments of the fight. The result of the two knockdowns was Alvey on top of Swofford in his guard.

While on the ground Swofford did search for some submissions by creeping his legs up but was never seriously threatening with them. Alvey is very well-rounded and was shutting them down easily and did a little ground and pound.

They both seem to use the time to recover from getting rocked earlier and the referee stood them back up with a little over three minutes left in the round.

In the standup they both landed some good shots. Swofford caught Alvey with a good right hand. A few moments later, Alvey responded with a lead right hook as Swofford came in.

The lead right hook is something Alvey uses a lot in his fights. He carries his hands a little wide and it draws people into him looking for punches down the middle. When they do come in he has excellent timing and will catch them with a quick, short and crisp lead right hook.

The power of that punch is aided by his opponents momentum, his accuracy and timing. He will also combine it with the Alvey Bum Rush sometimes.

This is an example of how he uses the ring. He likes to just explode and rush his opponents often catching them off-balance and utilizing his hand speed. At his best he will drive his opponent back into the ring and when they bounce back towards him land another punch. Again he has great timing and accuracy when using this technique. The power is boosted from the ropes springing the opponent back to him.

A little after he recovered from a Swofford knee right up the middle Alvey utilized his Bum Rush blitz. Swofford was able to avoid getting hit clean and being backed into the ropes.

After some clinching along the ring they ended the round standing and trading as the horn sounded. It was action filled round and one that they both had to survive.

They started the second round with a feeling out process. They started more cautiously and used some fakes and feints. Alvey and Swofford were breathing a little heavy and their pace slowed. It almost had to as the first round was a grueling one.

They both were also more aware of their defense in this round. Alvey carried his hands higher and used his movement to avoid taking anymore real damage. Swofford was also much tighter defensively.

Alvey did escape the round without taking more damage to his sensitive man-parts as Swofford’s knee found them for the second time in the fight. It happened with one second left in the round and it cost Swofford a point.

The third round was a more measured and technical one. They each had their moments and Alvey got the late takedown to maybe take the round.

Whether Alvey or Swofford won the third round did not matter after the fourth one.

It was another measured start to the round. They each landed a couple of low kicks and Swofford landed a nice right hand to the liver. It seemed to hurt Alvey a little but he did a great job of not showing it. There was just a moment where his body stiffened up right after the shot and his face got a little tighter and strained. He kept moving forward though.

They exchanged a few more leg kicks. Then almost a minute into the round Michael Schiavello showed someone amazing precognitive timing.

Just moments after Schiavello said, “Swofford needs to pull the trigger on that right hand…”He did landing it right to Alvey’s jaw.  Before Schiavello could say, “…and he does,”Alvey had landed the big overhand right counter that dropped Swofford and ended the fight.

It was a perfectly timed beautiful counter that showcased Alvey’s hand speed and power. It was a great title fight and defense from Alvey.

His teammate, Tom Gallicchio had a much easier time in his rematch with Kurt Southern to win the title.

In their first fight at MFC 39 Gallicchio weighed in .2 over. In Alberta, Canada you are only given once opportunity to weigh-in and you have to come in exactly on weight. He went on to win the fight via a RNC in the second round but did not get the title.

It was a tough fight and Southern had him some trouble several times during the fight. Southern came into this fight undefeated in his previous two rematches.

Much like the first fight Southern landed several clean shots opened up a cut on Gallicchio’s nose. He was also having success with his jab. Gallicchio was countering and also landed some nice shots but Southern was getting the edge in the standup.

Miletich ad Schiavello had informed us that Southern had spent some time at Team Alpha Male and worked on movement and low kicks. The movement helped him but it was a low kick that led to his downfall.

Southern went to throw one and Gallicchio timed it perfectly and caught it. As Southern tried to escape Gallicchio deftly held on, pulled the leg and got him to the ground.

Once on the ground Gallicchio went to work. He passed into half-guard and was working his way into mount.  Southern defended and they end up in a scramble. During which Gallicchio took his back. Southern got back to his feet but Gallicchio was attached to his back.

They quickly ended up on the ground and Gallicchio locked in a body-triangle and went for the RNC. Southern did a good job of defending the first attempt. He could not stop the second one and Gallicchio got another win by RNC.

This time he gets to take the title belt with him.


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