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Mickey Gall on CM Punk: He’s like a dork, awkward, he just does weird things



Things seemed have been semi-respectful in the build toward CM Punk’s highly anticipated MMA debut tomorrow night in Cleveland – until now.

Yesterday, at the pre-fight presser, Punk gave Gall the death glare after the two squared up and shook hands for the first time during fight week in Cleveland. Gall would pat Punk on the back afterward in an attempt for another potential handshake but Punk would just walk away.

Fast forward to today’s weigh-in. Gall offers up his hand again but this time Punk denies him from the get go. Gall starts chirping at Punk while Punk just smiles and starts playing to the crowd, “Let’s f**king go! Come on Cleveland!” Cue Dana White with the trademark head scratch.

Both men were asked about the handshake, or lack thereof, after the staredown. Gall said that Punk is “awkward,” when addressed about the situation. “He’s like a dork,” Gall continued. “I see him around, he just does weird things, you know?”

Megan Olivi got straight to the point in her post interview with Punk. She asked the former 434-day WWE champ exactly what Gall said to him after he turned down his proposal:

“I don’t know. He was stuttering. He kept repeating, ‘oh you don’t wanna shake my hand’ or something like that. I’m not here to shake anybody’s hand. I’m here to punch people in the face.”

CM Punk and Mickey Gall will finally get to do just that tomorrow night in the pay-per-view portion of UFC 203 beginning at 10 p.m. ET live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

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