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Money in the Bank Bets Worth Making




The odds are out there for WWE’s Money in the Bank, and as usual, there might be a long shot that pays off. At WrestleMania, it was the 33-1 odds against Zack Ryder to win the Intercontinental Championship that proved to be the money-maker (sorry, Miz). It may have only lasted one day, but Zack Ryder’s run as Intercontinental Champion is memorable to anyone that trusted those odds.

It should go without saying, but these intriguing bets are not predictions or desires. The odds used for this piece were published by Bovada, taken on Wednesday June 15th.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Chris Jericho: 6-1

Calm down, internet. Chances are slim that Chris Jericho will walk out with the Money in the Bank contract on Sunday, but are they slimmer than 6-1? Imagine six separate occasions in the WWE writers’ room – if you can come up with just one in which Jericho is penciled in as the winner, this bet is worth considering. If that isn’t enough, take a look at Y2J’s recent run in WWE. He doesn’t have gold around his waist, but he has defeated high-profile opponents, despite the expectation that he’s simply there to put over young talent. See: AJ Styles. While unlikely, the 6-1 line is certainly intriguing. We are all expecting a hiatus in Jericho’s near future; he could take the briefcase with him in the ultimate heel maneuver.

Complete match odds:  Kevin Owens (5-7), Dean Ambrose (5-2), Chris Jericho (6-1), Cesaro (9-1), Sami Zayn (18-1), Alberto Del Rio (25-1)


WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Enzo & Cass: 11-2

By a slim margin, The New Day are favored to retain their Tag Team Championships. Predictions seem to be stacking up in favor of The Club (modest 2-1 underdogs), but the realist guys in the room are sitting on a nice 11-2 payoff if they get the pin. Enzo & Cass are O-V-E-R, and wouldn’t necessarily need the championships right now, but I’m reminded of Paige winning the (then) Divas Championship in her debut match. Giving the belts to a young tag team ahead of the brand split could be the ultimate show of confidence for the “new era.” Perhaps Smackdown will wind up being a show that features young stars, and none are shining brighter than Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. At 11-2, it’s worth a taking a look, and if you’re not willing to, there may or may not be one word to describe ya.

Complete match odds: The New Day (5-8), The Club (2-1), Enzo & Cass (11-2), Vaudevillains (18-1)


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Seth Rollins: 12-5

Roman Reigns is favored to win, and that’s how it should be. WWE has shown no interest in going away from their prime investment in his recent title defenses. The difference this Sunday is Seth Rollins. Before the knee injury, Reigns was chasing Seth’s top spot; if it weren’t for a freak accident at a house show, Seth Rollins may still be the guy (ha!) standing in the way of the Roman Empire. You can also toss in Dean Ambrose’s fringe (ha again!) involvement in the story. Dean-o has a chance to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and set up a Shield three-way feud for the title. The guys on the great Cheap Heat podcast threw out the idea that if Seth won, and Dean cashed in, all three of the Shield guys would have held the title on the same night. Interesting.

For all of those reasons, and because Rollins is simply awesome, he stands a real shot at winning on Sunday. 12-5 is more remote than a 2-1 shot, so as the betting exercise goes: if WWE discusses three possible outcomes of this title match, does one contain Rollins winning? The answer: yes. For this one, it’s important to note that you are betting on the results of the match itself. If Rollins wins, and Ambrose cashes in, you still get it.

Complete match odds: Roman Reigns (4-15), Seth Rollins (12-5)

Titus O’Neil at 15-4 (for non-math majors, that is just short of 4-1), is somewhat interesting if you have a couple of extra tokens. 15-4 wouldn’t get me out of the house, but if it goes up before Sunday, it might be worth a look.

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Photo credit: WWE