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Naomi captures her first WWE title at Elimination Chamber



After over 5 years on the WWE main roster, Naomi has finally captured WWE gold. 

In the last of three women’s singles matches on tonight’s Smackdown exclusive Elimination Chamber PPV, Naomi successfully dethroned Alexa Bliss, thus ending her 70 day reign as champ. 

After a couple of near falls, it appeared Bliss would retain when she had Naomi at her mercy before climbing the ropes to hit her ‘Twisted Bliss’ finisher. However, Naomi, now a seasoned vet, would put her knees up to stun Bliss before hitting her patented split-legged-moonsault for the win. 

“I snatched that title and I’m taking it home to Orlando at WrestleMania baby!” – Naomi to Renee Young