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New cinematic pro wrestling project ‘Weekend Warriors’ reminds us why the future is bright




I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again – right now is a great time to be a wrestling fan. If you’re sick of the same old same and you have access to the internet there is plenty of fantastic wrestling right at your fingertips. There’s also plenty more coming.

Director Adam Gacka is one example of the bright future of pro wrestling. His Weekend Warriors project gives us the feel of a gritty real life underground fight and it looks beautiful in HD.

One of things that really stuck out to me about Weekends Warriors is that they’re not asking me or you to donate any money. All they’re asking is that we share their work; that we share their passion for something that we all love – pro wrestling. Here’s some words from Gacka’s press release:

“What if pro wrestlers were real people in the real world?”

Imagine your favorite wrestlers getting into a fight at the grocery store. Imagine them with road rage. Imagine them dealing with the guy everyone hates at the office.

The possibilities are endless.

This element was something we weren’t able to shoot. Time and budget were against us and we couldn’t afford that part of the story. Regardless, we pulled together what funds we had and took a chance on what we believe has a lot of potential.

Now, this NOT where we ask you to fund our Kickstater campaign. Our funding to make this is contingent on being able to show that there is a passionate audience. If you are a wrestling fan and want to see this series made, please share it with anyone and everyone.

All you have to do is break the internet my friends.

The following test shoot for Weekend Warriors features Ring of Honor’s “Last Real Man” Silas Young taking on a man with too many accolades to list, Davey Richards, and it’s pretty intense. Remember, this test shoot is just a taste. As mentioned in the press release snippet above – the possibilities are endless. Pass it on.

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