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The New Era of NXT



For months, there has been lackluster emotions surrounding many diehard NXT fans. They have stopped tuning in to the weekly developmental brand that was once the talk of the wrestling world. Loyal fans, like me,  have continued to watch out and hoped that NXT would get over the hump of losing most of their talent from the draft this past summer. 

Triple H has spoken a few months ago, about his disappointment in the product. He is quite confident in the new talent and knows that will be a turn around. 

After watching the program’s progress over past few weeks and the complete revamp of the new era last week especially, I must say, that, Triple H and the rest of the staff at the performance center are working hard, to show the strengths of the wrestlers and hide the flaws. 

NXT has a new crop of strong Heavyweight contenders in the mix. You have returning NXT veteran and Indy darling Kassius Ohno. Kassius was released from WWE developmental when NXT was in its early stages of becoming popular.

Kassius went back to the Indys and worked hard to reinvent the ‘Chris Hero’ brand. He knows what it’s like to lose that WWE contract and the golden opportunity. I think that will give him the drive that he needs to stay at the top-tier of the NXT roster. 

No one has proven their drawing power more than Drew McIntyre. He has had a seat at the big table in WWE in the past. He wasn’t utilized properly and got lost in the shuffle.Drew left the company, and showed everyone just what he was capable of, and became a true international star, succeeding in several wrestling companies around the globe. Now the world knows his worth and he is cashing in on his star power. I believe he is going to not only put more eyes on himself, but he will bring attention, to the up incoming talent that he competes with in the following months. McIntyre’s debut match with Oney Lorcan was proof enough that he is out for gold.

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On to another Heavyweight contender who had a strong following before stepping into the Full Sail Arena. Aleister Black (fka) Tommy End has a reputation of being one tough S.O.B. and one of WWE’s best European acquisitions.

His debut at Takeover was amazing. From one of the most metal entrances in WWE history, to the chemistry that was on display with his opponent, Andrade. Aleister is going to bring a cerebral, cut throat style to the roster. Bobby Roode will have a lot of sharks in the water looking for any trace of blood coming from the ‘Glorious One’. 

The women’s division is picking up in exciting ways as well. With the NXT veterans who have been called up over the past few months like Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Liv Morgan and Aliyah, there is a clear goal of setting up solid baby faces and heels in the female roster. I think the wrestling ability of all the women mentioned are unmatched, however, the character development and mic work is a bit lackluster. This might lead fans to not join in on the new era bandwagon. Especially after following the legend of the ‘Four Horsewomen’. The best move would probably be to avoid the backstage interviews and encounters and save the action for the ring. I believe Triple H and others have noticed this and thought that bringing on Indy stars like KimberLee and Heidi Lovelace (now Ruby Riot) would help to push some exciting feuds, while working out the kinks of the new division. 

One feud, that I am certainly looking forward to, is Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Nikki has been a tease for a while now. A pint-sized Scottish pit bull, who hasn’t had the right competition to sink her teeth in. Ruby is just the women to bring some noise to the already chaotic psyche of Nikki. Nikki knows that Ruby won’t scare easily, so she will have to give everything she has to get out of that match alive. 

As we all know, the leader of the pack in the women’s division is Asuka and she doesn’t have any intentions of letting that title go. She mocks her competitors with a coy smile and lays in a deadly assault time and time again.

Sadly, Ember Moon was the latest victim of the champs winning streak. However, I think Asuka unleashed something in Ember that she’s not ready to confront. A hell of feud might be on the horizon. I will have my Coca Cola and popcorn ready! 

Whoever you fancy, or whatever style of wrestling you adore, I think there is something for everyone. 

This new era is heating up. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Tune in and start rooting for this new talented crop of Superstars!

Canadace Louise-Julie, a Jersey native, has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. Her first memories of wrestling were with her two brothers watching Monday Night Raw, hiding under the covers, out of the site of the demonic Undertaker. Her love for wrestling grew and she loves to share her passion for it with the world. With a love for Lucha, Grappling, Catch, Strong Style, Submission, Technical, Comedy and Sports Entertainment, I doubt that she will run out of topics to talk about! You can follow her on Twitter @canadacek

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