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Night of Champions 2013 Pick Em



The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan will be the setting for the WWE’s 8th pay-per-view of 2013 and it features another solid lineup of superstars ready to end some of the storylines that have been featured recently on RAW and Smackdown and begin some new ones. Lets see what our resident 4MB of Rose, Booth, Sheehan, and Reno has in mind for this event below. Let’s get things started with the current reigning, defending Fight Booth WWE Pick Em Champion – Dan Rose.


• Tag Team Turmoil Match: The Primetime Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. 3MB vs. The Usos vs. The Real Americans

Dan Rose: Well, this is an unnecessary distraction, but it doesn’t have to be. The WWE has long since given up on the notion of caring about their Tag Team division. Its en vogue to just pair two single wrestlers, and force them into a tag team, and not build teams like back in the days of yore.

I don’t think you can put guys like Swagger and Cesaro in a match like this and not give them the victory. However, the winner of this match faces The Shield for the belts on the PPV, and it doesn’t make sense to have those two teams face off, there’s nobody for the fans the cheer. So with that in mind, I say the Prime Time Players likely get the win and the title shot. The Shield Retains in the match later.

Hank Booth: “We’re fighting for the tag team championship baby! Woo!” – Words that will never come out of Heath Slater’s mouth. 3MB is out. One can only pray the wrestling Gods that Tons of Funk doesn’t last long either. That leaves PTP, The Usos and The Real Americans – 3 legit tag teams that I could easily see winning this thing. I’ll take the PTP since Young has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit since he came out of the closet. McMahon is quick to reward his roster for that kind of good publicity.

Sean Sheehan: 3MB? No. The Uso’s? No. Tons of Funk? No. The Real Americans? Maybe. Prime Time Players? Yes, I think so. Mainly because of the spotlight that has been shone on the pair since Darren Young made the courageous decision to be the first ever WWE superstar to come out a being gay they have been winning some matches and getting a lot of recognition. Even besides that I’ve always thought they were an underrated and underused tag-team, it would be great to see them with the belts… but… Believe in the Shield.

Alex Reno: This is going to be an exciting one. 3MB is going to start it off and get eliminated first of course, and who really gives a shit about Tons of Funk? The Prime Time Players could be a dark horse in this one with Darren Young’s latest push, but I think The Usos will prevail, and could possibly set up the downfall of The Shield. Winner: The Usos via pinfall.


• WWE United States Championship: Dean Ambrose (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Hank Booth: Poor Ziggler. Is it possible that he hit his peak on that magical night after WrestleMania 29 when he cashed in just months ago? I sure hope not. One thing that’s for sure is that he did something to find himself in the powers that be’s proverbial doghouse and the quicker he gets out the better it will be for the WWE Universe. This guy has what it takes to carry any show, he doesn’t belong on the lower end of these pay-per-views. That said, Ambrose vs. Ziggler is always fun. Ambrose retains.

Sean Sheehan: The Shield isn’t ending yet. Ziggler is only in this match to get his talents on the PPV. He can sell a loss better than any. Ambrose wins with some help.

Alex Reno:  AJ loses her belt and Dolph wins the U.S. belt. A lot of revenge is getting handed out, reminiscent to MITB. Night of Champions marks the end of The Shield’s reign over the WWE Universe. This match will be known as the battle of the baby oil. Winner: Dolph Ziggler via Zig Zag.


• Tag Team Championship: The Shield (C) vs. Tag Team Turmoil Winners

Hank Booth: There’s no reason to break up The Shield just yet. Save it for the lead up to WM 30. The Shield via whatever it takes.

Sean Sheehan: With The Shield acting as henchmen for the McMahon family their inevitable eventual disbanding will be held off for a little longer. And I’m pretty happy about that. I see another easy win for them here after some in ring brilliance. I hope it’s going to be against PTP, though.

Alex Reno: Yes, I said it earlier. The members of the Shield are finally going to meet their demise. Ambrose will lose the U.S. Championship, Rollins and Reigns will lose to the Usos, and Randy Orton will have no one to protect him from Daniel Bryan. Believe in the Usos. Winner: The Usos via pinfall.


• Divas Championship Match (Fatal 4-Way): AJ Lee (C) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

Dan Rose: This match actually is of some interest to me because I’ve become addicted to Total Divas, and as such, would love to see Naomi win this. Let’s break it down. I see no reason to take the strap off of AJ, just to give it to another heel in Brie. No point. Natalya is decent, but she’s not likely going to win the belt tonight. I think Naomi has a TON of talent, and she could win the belt, and it would be a great sendoff to the final week of Total Divas.

AJ is the best, but after her “Pipebomb” againt the Divas, they should all gang up on her and guarantee a “Total Diva” winner. I am going out on a limb here, and I’m taking Naomi to become the new champion at Night of Champions.

Hank Booth: Since the rise of AJ Lee as a wrestler and the success of E’s Total Divas one thing is for certain – Divas matches on pay-per-views are no longer code for piss breaks. AJ is on top of the world right now but she’s even better when she’s angry. Brie takes the belt in Detroit (Nikki could get the pin on the Twin Magic if her shin is good enough) to begin one of the greatest rivalries in Divas history. This will also create some tension and jealousy between the two sisters.

Sean Sheehan: I have never been the biggest fan of the Divas. That was until last week when I watched all seven episodes of total divas in a day and realised its the best show ever made. By the way, are every Diva and Superstar married/engaged/dating each other? That’s kinda weird. So to the match. Brie is only in this because he sister is injured. Natalya is a good wrestler but she’s too busy taking care of TJ…. sorry I mean Tyson Kidd, to be champion. Naomi is a possibility to bring some new storylines to the show but I think AJ will retain the title and keep carrying the division on her back during RAW and Smackdown.

Alex Reno: With Total Divas getting promoted so heavily, I can’t see AJ retaining her title. The WWE is pushing this show so hard, and AJ is the only Diva in this match that isn’t a star on the show. AJ just might be the worst wrestler of the 4 as well. Great on camera, but leaves a lot to be desired in the ring. Natalya got the best of Brie in their last match, but I feel like Brie will take this one, and the WWE will continue to promote the shit out of Total Divas (and rightfully so). Winner: Brie Bella via pinfall.


• Handicap Elimination Match: CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman

Dan Rose: This is the dumbest match on the card.  It’s called NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS for God’s sake, but the IC Belt isn’t on the line. Why?  BECAUSE PUNK WINS, and the WWE doesn’t want “The best in the world” holding the second fiddle belt.  This match was built in haste, and is likely going to be Punk carrying Axel’s charisma-less carcass around for fifteen minutes, getting the win and getting his hands on Heyman.  I can only hope this match ends this pointless feud and Punk can get back into the swing of things.  CM Punk by pinfall, duh.

Hank Booth: This is all about Punk getting his hands on Heyman. Expect some tomfoolery before it happens but it will, and the JLA will sound like a Wings playoff game when it does. Punk defeats Axel via anaconda vise to set up a GTS for Paul Heyman. If Brock shows up he’ll take care of him too. This is Punks night.

Sean Sheehan: Heyman gets fired if he doesn’t compete so I guess Axel will dominate early. At his age Heyman won’t be taking too much damage. This one could end in a disqualification but I’m going to take Punk winning after Axel accidentally knocks out Heyman.

Alex Reno:  “I LOVED YOU!”. “I CARED ABOUT YOU!”. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing similar things out of the mouth of Paul Heyman once Punk takes care of Axel. CM Punk will get his shot at Paul Heyman, and Heyman will be on his knees begging for forgiveness. Unfortunately for Heyman, CM Punk is no longer a Paul Heyman guy. I don’t understand the concept of not having the title on the line for Night of Champions, but I guess revenge is sweeter than leather around your waist. Winner: CM Punk via multiple GTS.


• World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. Rob Van Dam

Dan Rose: Anyone who knows me, knows I want to see RVD win this title here.  I don’t care for ADR, and I love RVD, but I don’t know if he is going to get the belt here.  I get a feeling we might see a cash in tonight, and Damien Sandow might leave the building with the championship.  All I know, is it won’t be Alberto Del Rio leaving with the title.  I’m going to say Sandow cashes in and walks out the champion.

Hank Booth: The WWE has three options here.

Option A) Ricardo was told by Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown last week that he cannot corner RVD. Maybe he comes out during the match anyway and turns on RVD to reunite him with ADR to show that it was a set up all along. ADR retains.

Option B) RVD wins clean and is given what he deserves – his final title reign and a huge pop from the crowd – the biggest of the night after a legendary match. RVD kicks of Monday Night Raw as your new heavyweight champion and has a nice little run.

Option C) RVD wins clean. Ricardo comes out to celebrate with him then blindsides him. Sandow cashes in. Ricardo and Sandow had it planned all along.

Take your pick. I’m leaning towards option B because I feel like RVD deserves it.

Sean Sheehan: Alberto Del Rio is still heavyweight champion? YAWN!!! I see RVD winning this with the help of, the now pointless, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Alex Reno: I was mortified when Del Rio turned on Ricardo Rodriguez. I mean seriously, what did Ricardo ever do to him besides stick by his side, and have an incredible ring announcer voice? Ricardo as RVD’s manager couldn’t have been set up any better, however. I fully expected RVD to only stick around for MITB and maybe a RAW showing or two, but he’s been back in full force, and he’s better than ever. Ricardo will get his revenge in this one, and this will be known as the battle of the 3 lettered initials, with a surplus of kicks to the face between the two of them. Winner: RVD via 5 Star Frog Splash


• WWE Championship: Randy Orton (C) vs. Daniel Bryan

Dan Rose: Well, it’s too soon for Daniel Bryan to get his belt back. The WWE needs to milk this whole thing for a lot longer. I’m sensing some kind of Big Show involvement that ends with Bryan getting screwed out of the victory.

Would love to be excited about this, but I’m not. I see Orton retaining, HHH smiling and Big Show joining his army. Blah, blah, blah, Orton retains.

Hank Booth: It’s just too early to let Bryan get his hands on that title. Why in the world would you pay to watch Battleground or Hell in a Cell next month if he did? He will out wrestle Orton, he may even pin him for a three count. But somehow, someway, at the end of the day it’ll be Randy Orton as your WWE champion via a victory of the most dirty variety. HHH and Stephanie will continue the stranglehold they currently have on the WWE superstars and Orton will remain the face the company deserves for a little longer. Somehow you gotta fit Big Show into this thing, he may even use his KO punch to take out Orton or HHH, teasing a Bryan victory. The problem is that either the referee will be out cold or a stipulation will be made to keep Orton champion regardless. It’s gonna be a great match but it will not end well for Yes!Yes!Yes!Nation. Oh ya, don’t be surprised if Kane comes back and turns this thing into a complete circus.

Sean Sheehan: I’m billing this one “Over vs. Over-sell”. Bryan and Orton are picking up the slack left behind from John Cena’s injury and I’m just not liking it. Triple H is just awful and the McMahon family as heel’s in this era is annoying. Orton, after being in the wilderness for so long, has been trust into this pretty quickly. His in-ring product is always tight but his lack of time on the mic makes him a faceless champion. Something tells me if CM Punk wasn’t already in the middle of the Heyman break-up when Cena got hurt Orton could be still jobbing on Smackdown against R-truth and 3MB. Bryan Danielson….. I mean Daniel Bryan…. is the real star of the WWE today. Everybody loves his character and he is, along with Punk, the best wrestler in the world today. Unfortunately I think this storyline has some legs left in it yet and Orton will win this time out. Will Bryan’s time come though? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

Alex Reno: As much as I hated to see Daniel Bryan get Pedigree’d into defeat at the hands of Triple H and Randy Orton…it was really what was best for business.  I’ve never cared about a WWE wrestler so much, or wanted someone to win this title so badly in my life.  Anyone who’s anyone wants to see this match, and wants to see Daniel Bryan beat the “pretty” out of Randy Orton.  The events leading up to this match were what’s best for business…but moving forward, Daniel Bryan is what’s best for business. Winner:  Daniel Bryan via submission.

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