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NXT Retro Review Episode 10: McGillicutty & Curtis vs. Kidd & Gabriel



NXT Retro Review Episode 10 – Original air date – August 22, 2017

Coheed and Cambria welcome us to the show.

Byron Saxton and William Regal are on commentary.

Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana) vs. Derrick Bateman

They locked up to start the match. Cesaro takes the arm and nails Bateman with some body shots, then takes him over with a hip throw. He follows right up with a headbutt to the chest and brings him over in the corner. The ref forces a break and Bateman comes out of the corner and hits a chop and lit him up with a series of right hands, then whipped him into a dropkick for a one.

Bateman followed right up with a snap suplex for a two count. Bateman went for another whip, but Cesaro blocked it and caught him with an awesome looking hotshot. Cesaro then hooked both arms and rocked Bateman with a series of headbutts, before taking him over with a double arm suplex for a two count, then covering again for one. Cesaro snapmared him and dropped a forearm to the back of the neck for a two count, then went to a rear chinlock. Bateman fought to his feet one time, but Cesaro pulled him back down by the hair. Bateman got up a slower the second time and managed to pull off a back suplex.

Cesaro recovered in a corner but when he went after Bateman, Bateman was waiting with a pair of rights, then nailed Cesaro with a pair of clotheslines. Bateman hit a flying clothesline in the corner, followed by a modified STO. Cesaro crawled out to the apron, but Bateman hiptossed him back into the ring. Bateman went for a flying knee in the corner, but missed, and Cesaro was right on him with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro followed up with the Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro via pinfall

They announce Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis in the main event and announce their will be a face to face staredown between Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins. See what had happened was…

They showed an excellent video package where main roster superstars like Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, and John Cena talked about how important it would be to be the first NXT Champion and highlighted Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins as the first two guys.

Tamina Snuka vs. Sofia Cortez

Despite being a babyface in her last two matches, Cortez comes out mocking Tamina, including doing the Superfly pose. Tamina responds by grabbing her by the hair and shoving her, then catching her with a Japanese armdrag. Sofia tried to catch her with a drop toe hold, but Tamina blocked it, so Sofia kicked her in the knee and took her over for a two count. Cortez followed up with a pair of body kicks, then brought her into the corner so she could work her over with more kicks to the ribs.

The ref warned Sofia and Tamina used the distraction to fire off a hard chop to chest. Sofia cut her off with a spinning back kick to the ribs, then took her back but instead of applying a RNC, she locked in a body triangle on the injured ribs, and then threw in some hair pulls. Tamina finally managed to stand up and back Sofia into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Sofia shoved her off, then charged right into a big right hand from Tamina. Tamina followed up with a trio of double chops to the chest, then took her down by the hair. Tamina flattened her with a superkick, but Sofia kicked out. Tamina followed right up with a big bodyslam, and hit the big Superfly Splash off the top for a three count.

Winner: Snuka via pinfall

After the match and the replay, Tamina was celebrating on the ropes, when Raquel Diaz came out and pulled her down hard from the second rope. Smart move. Raquel then used lipstick to paint an L on her forehead. Why has no one stolen that!

Kassius Ohno vs. Jake Carter

Carter was seen in the second episode of the reboot as Corey Graves tag team partner. Meanwhile, Graves has not been seen since. By the way, Carter could be The Miz’s stunt double. They could seriously be brothers. The smart crowd here is solidly behind Ohno. They locked up to start the match and Ohno grabs a headlock. Carter tries to shove him off, but Ohno switches to a cravate briefly before going back to the headlock. Carter finally drops back to the mat to break the hold, then catches Ohno with a shoulderblock for a one count, then a second shoulder for a one. He goes after Ohno in the corner, but Ohno pulls off the switch and hits him with a chop, but Carter switches on him and hits a series of bodyshots, then takes him out of the corner with a hiptoss. Carter follows up with a bodyslam and is going for something else, but Ohno rolls to the apron. Carter catches him with another bodyshot and chokes him briefly over the top rope, but when the ref breaks them and Carter goes “What?”, Ohno catches him from the apron with a boot to the face.

Ohno gets on him with a series of kicks to the ribs. Carter tries to fight back but Ohno catches him with an elbow to the head, then slams Carter’s face into his boot in the corner. Ohno followed up with a Yakuza Kick in the corner and Carter does a great sell. Regal loves the vicious streak from Ohno. Ohno then goes to the cravate. Carter tries to fight back with bodyshots, but Ohno pops him with a high knee, then kick to the head. Ohno goes for another Yakuza Kick, but Carter sidesteps him and catches him with a right, then hits Ohno with a snap suplex and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Carter goes for a whip, but Ohno reverses it and goes for a backdrop ,but Carter holds on and kicks the backdrop away. Carter runs the ropes but Ohno catches him out of nowhere with a roaring elbow to the chin (which Regal calls the DreamKiller) for the three count.

Winner: Ohno via pinfall

After the match, Carter is trying to pull himself up in the corner when Ohno catches him with a second roaring elbow in the corner. Ohno chokes him with his boot until Richie Steamboat makes the save. Ohno smiles from the rampway as Regal wonders Steamboat is doing out here….

Then we get a SummerSlam review video. 2012 SummerSlam, not so memorable.

We get a second video talking about what it means to be NXT Champion. It’s good stuff.

Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Jim Ross has joined the commentary team for this main event. McGillicutty is somehow really over with this crowd. Kidd could not be more oiled up here. Regal tells a story about how McGillicutty and Curtis had been banned from all the Disney Parks in Orlando. That’s playing into how Curtis (now Fandango) gimmick was that he was a total weirdo. A bit of a PG Joey Ryan thing.

Kidd and McGillicutty started the match. They locked up and McGillicutty drove him into the corner. He feigned a clean break, and instead clubbed Kidd with an elbow and the crowd yelled “Ya!” McGillicutty followed up with a wristlock, clubbing the arm with some elbows, then into a hammerlock. Kidd did his old school walk to the apron and use the ropes to reverse it, but McGillicutty grabs the ropes to break it, then charges into an armdrag into an armbar. McGillicutty works to his feet, but Kidd holds in a front facelock, then tags in Gabriel so he can come in with a sunset flip for a two count.

McGillicutty charged right into another armdrag into armbar and when he worked his way to his feet, Gabriel tagged in Kidd who came in with a sweet slingshot into a prawn hold for a two count, then ate a drop toe hold into an armbar. McGillicutty worked to his feet again, but Kidd tagged Gabriel and they whipped him into a double backelbow/double snapmare/sandwich round kick to the chest combo for a two count Gabriel went to a wristlock, only have it reversed and McGillicutty hit a kick to the chest and whipped him in, but Gabriel lept to the second rope. He caught Curtis charging with a flying back elbow, but McGillicutty cut him off with an awesome clothesline that turned Gabriel inside out for a two count. McGillicutty then applied a side headlock on the mat. Commercial Break.

BFC, Curtis had Gabriel in the corner and was pounding him shoulderblocks to the ribs. McGillicutty tagged in and hit some knees to the ribs, then tagged back in Curtis and held Gabriel open for the kick to the ribs. Curtis followed up with a vertical suplex for a two count, then locked in a rear chinlock. Gabriel punched and elbowed his way out of the hold, but Curtis caught him with a high fireman’s carry, then held him down so McGillicutty could come down and stomp Gabriel in the gut, then dropped a knee for a two count. Curtis tagged back in and pounded Gabriel in the corner, then snapmared him into a surfboard. Gabriel worked his way to his feet and hit some elbows to the break the hold, but Curtis caught him with a knee to the gut for a two count.

Curtis then slammed him and went for a corkscrew senton off the top, but missed almost wildly. Tags both ways! Kidd caught McGillicutty charging into an enzigiri, then hit a springboard dropkick. He then caught him with a leg kick to set up a spinning heel kick. Kidd hit a spinning back kick to the ribs, then a basement dropkick for a two count, but the McGillicutty caught Kidd with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Curtis tagged in and they hit a sidewalk slam/slingshot legdrop combo, but Gabriel raced in to break up the pin. Curtis then crotched Kidd and went for a superplex, but Kidd fought him off and headbutted him to the mat. Kidd then went for a turnaround springboard moonsault, but botched and fell back into Curtis. Kidd managed to recover and hit a spinning neckbreaker that McGillicutty broke up, but Gabriel caught him and threw him to the outside. Kidd caught Curtis charging into a back elbow, and then tagged Gabriel and they hit a Bearhug/blockbuster combo for the three count.

Winners: Kidd and Gabriel via pinfall

We go to the back and we the shadow of Kassius Ohno throwing shadowbows. Briley Pierce comes up to him and asks him about Richie Steamboat’s challenge to him. Ohno replied that Steamboat apparently didn’t like seeing someone in pain, but it would be a lot worse when he was the feeling the pain, because Kassius Hurts People. He said he was on and ordered Briley out.

Then we get a video highlighting the Rollins/Mahal matchup, with analysis from the main roster guys. Daniel Bryan put over Rollins, Booker T put over Mahal.

Then Byron Saxton in the ring, introduced Mahal, then Rollins. He then asked them both what being the first NXT Champion meant to them. Rollins then cut a pretty good promo when he said that all he ever wanted to be was a champion and this meant everything to him.

He said that growing up wasn’t always easy and you had to find your purpose and how he had none until he found wrestling and WWE, but now he had a dream. He was now on the brink of achieving that dream and there was no way he was leaving Full Sail without being champion. Saxton then asked Mahal the same question. He responded by talking in Hindi, which got a fired-up crowd even more rilled up. He then said to Seth that it was a very touching story, but he sounded like a born loser like all of these people. He said that he was born into greatness and being champion was his birthrate. He said that Seth’s dream would be a dream and that he was a reality. Seth was about to respond when Jinder sucker punched him and pounded him. Mahal went to take off his jacket and Seth recovered and double legged him to the mat. Seth pounded him and Jinder went to powder, but Seth nailed him with a tope. Seth got back in the ring and dared Jinder to come after him, but the refs came in and separated them and that’s how the show ended.

Frank’s Take: I kinda loved this show. While certain episodes have felt like one hour episodes of Saturday Night or UWF, this felt like an old Wrestling Challenge Show. The first three matches were basically glorified squash matches and then we got a competitive tag match in the main event. Sadly, the match was ruined by the one botch by Tyson Kidd. The segment with Seth and Jinder was very good. I loved Seth as the punk rock babyface and as amazing as his career was about to get, part of me wishes that we could have seen more of this character.

But there are some places where you see things going off the rails a little bit. First, Bateman gets squashed. The storyline he had been doing with Bo Dallas has gotten completely scratched and he won’t be on the show for months. Then Sofia is a heel after being a babyface? No mention of her last match with Nattie. My guess is that Sofia was released after these matches were taped and this was a burnoff of footage with her. She has said that she was released for not “wrestling like a Diva.” A shame because how awesome would Ivelisse would have been with the Horsewomen. And then Carter as babyface when he was a heel before. WHATSUPWITDAT!

screenshot – WWENetwork

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