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NXT TakeOver R Evolution Highlight: Kevin Owens’ unforgettable NXT Debut



Kevin Owens stated in the final vignette ahead of his NXT debut that there “was no plan B,” in regards to his new job as an employee for WWE. And as we all know, CJ Parker will be the first to tell you that there is no “Planet B”. So it only made sense that Parker would be fed to Owens for his NXT debut this past Thursday at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution. In other words, it had to work.

It appeared that this would be a squash fight but Parker was able to mount some offense. Owens ended up busted open via an open palm strike from the Moonchild that resulted in injuries to both competitors.

Here are some highlights from Owens’ memorable NXT debut. If you’re looking for more on NXT Takeover R Evolution do yourself a favor and check out our very own Lady J’s review of the show that still has everyone buzzing right here.

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