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On This Day in Fight History: Porcello slams Youkilis in Beantown



There are moments in time when certain athletes win you over for good, particularly home town players, with a remarkable act. If you’re a fan of Detroit sports you’ll remember when Mike Vernon came out to fight Patrick Roy at center ice back in March of 1997 during the infamous ‘Brawl in Hockeytown’.  It was a moment where  the now retired goaltender would win over the fans and help unite the team en route to their first Stanley Cup since 1955.

It’s now four years ago to the date that Tigers starter Rick Porcello won me over. Since this start Porcello has had some frustrating showings, but I have always found it difficult to get too down on him when I think back to what he did on August 11th, 2009.

Porcello, then a 20-year-old rookie, got revenge for his teammate Miguel Cabrera, who was hit on the wrist in the first inning by throwing up and in to now Tiger Victor Martinez. This would be thought to be enough. Instead, Cabrera would later be taken out of the game due to the after effects of the aforemetnioned pitch pitch delivered by Red Sox starter Junichi Tazawa, who was making his first start in the majors. Now, after seeing your star player leave the game due to injury being brought on upon by the opposing teams starting pitcher whether or not it be with or without the intent to injure – you have a problem.

Luckily for Tigers fans, and fans of all that is good in the world, the first batter to the plate for the Bo Sox in the bottom of the 2nd would be none other than Kevin Youkilis. Porcello knew what he had to do in this instance, and Youk saw it was coming. He turned his body and took the youngsters 89 mph pitch off his back then proceeded to charge the mound, chucking his helmet at the right hander. As Porcello moved backward off the mound in anticipation of the much larger man attempting to bring him down, what would happen next was a thing of beauty.

Relive the moment that Tiger fans will never let Youkilis forget  below –

[youtube id=”GMaO8CXpJdc” width=”620″ height=”360″]



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