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WATCH: A PaigeBomb just went off in Laredo




R.I.P. Team PCB

As pro wrestling fans, we all know that most celebrations don’t end well – right? So when Charlotte’s father, 16-time world champion Ric Flair, introduced his daughter tonight in Laredo, Texas to celebrate the first WWE title of her career, it wasn’t a matter of when the party would be spoiled as much as it was a matter of who would spoil it.

Would Team B.A.D. enter the ring to stir the pot? Maybe the Bella Army? How about a new competitor from developmental? Not quite. In this particular case, the culprit would come from within.

From the time they entered the ring, the P in Team PCB was seen mocking Charlotte as she poured her heart into the microphone in front of her father and thousands of fans. Once she got a hold of the microphone, Paige didn’t let go until she tore every single member of the Divas division to shreds. Watch and learn ladies and gentlemen.

image credit – WWE