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Photo of the Week: Ronda Rousey as ‘The Joker’




This amazing work via @alexmurilloart comes just a couple of days after UFC superstar Ronda Rousey appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Rousey, her head trainer Edmond Tarverdyan and Rogan conversed for just over two hours leaving MMA media with countless quotables for future Rousey articles. Call me crazy, but I’m convinced that this following snippet from the JRE podcast may be what influenced Alex.

Rousey: I don’t really think that any of us really comprehend what’s going on right now until were looking at it in hindsight and that’s the kind of thing that I think that’s kind of funny. There’s so many people that just live to hate me but when I’m gone they’re gonna miss me, they really are.

Tarverdyan: You keep it real and you kick everybody’s ass.

Rousey: I’m saying, like, how are they gonna ever going to have a bad guy better than Heath Ledger as The Joker. You miss him; The Joker’s gone. You’re never going to have Joker again.

Rogan: Are you The Joker?

Rousey: I’m not the protagonist, I’m the antagonist. Because the protagonist just reacts, they do nothing. The whole storyline, the whole everything that goes on is completely dependent on the antagonist. I’m the one that’s forcing everybody to do something. I like to think of myself as more of the heel, the bad guy that you somehow, sometimes root for, you can’t help it a little bit, but sometimes you hate him. I think the fact that mixed emotions come out is one of the more interesting things. I’m not trying to have everyone like me I’m trying to have everybody care about what I’m doing.

Murilloart doesn’t discriminate when it comes to Marvel versus DC. Here’s a bonus work of Rousey as Wolverine: