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Piotr Hallmann gives Trinaldo hugs and kisses after kimura comeback finish (Video)



image via sherdog

Polish prospect Piotr Hallmann had a tough start to his UFC career. First off, the promotion didn’t do him any favors by matching him up opposite Francisco Trinaldo in the TUF Brazil alum’s very own backyard. Secondly, in the fight itself Trinaldo opened like a bat out of hell. He assaulted Hallmann with a barrage of body kicks including a liver shot that had him visibly hurt. It looked like the end was near.

However, Hallmann would give his fans at home in Poland something special in the 2nd round. Trinaldo, having likely punched himself out, found himself in a bad position mid-way through the round. The Mighty Bulls Gydnia fighter got the finish he wanted from half guard with a kimura that would force his opponent tap. The hugs and kiss to the chest after word where just symbolic of Hallmann swallowing Trinaldo’s soul in front of his friends and family.

Before the fight when you looked up and down this card you saw some unknown fighters that made you question whether or not this was a card of interest. Piotr Hallmann is no longer one of those unknowns.

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