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Prominent striking coach, Brandon Gibson, frustrated with new UFC fight footage policy



There are plenty of changes going around in the UFC. The new WME-IMG corporate buy out of the promotion’s parent company, Zuffa, LLC, has immediately resulted in not only a huge personnel change, but plenty of procedural changes as well.

The lack of top-down communication from the new brass, the big $4 billion number associated with the buyout, and a shortage of familiar faces to turn to has added to this turmoil and seems to have emboldened more fighters to express their once private discontents publicly. From Conor McGregor calling out the new ownership on their vague future plans, to former strawweight champion Carla Esparza not being able to use her walk out song anymore. From Joanne Calderwood having to jump through hoops for event tickets, to Cole Miller voicing his rocky relationship with the promotion after a cancelled event. It seems like issues that once upon a time could be resolved internally are now sore spots being aired freely to the masses.

This movement is now expanding beyond just fighters. Renowned striking coach, Brandon ‘six gun’ Gibson, is the latest personality with a public UFC axe to grind.

Gibson – who works with the likes of Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Donald Cerrone, John Dodson, and more – took to Twitter earlier this week to express his frustration with a change in the way he and other coaches will have to study tape from here on out.

As in almost any other sport, studying film on your athlete and their opponent is a crucial component for any good coach to devise the best game plan possible to increase the probabilities of a future win. Gibson implies during his tweets that in previous years, the UFC would provide camps access to broadcast feeds that they could use to break down fights. Now they will only have the option of using the UFC’s streaming service – UFC Fight Pass, which can be somewhat problematic.

One of the biggest problems with the plat form is, that although they carry a huge catalog of fights, not all fighter’s bouts are currently available.

Also, there are time constrains on when fights will be available on the service. If the fight was broadcast outside of Fight Pass, whether on FS1, Fox, or Pay Per View, there is a holding period of about 30 days before they become available.

However, like most professional coaches, Gibson seems to be determined to make due with whatever he and others are able to get in order to help his fighters be ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.

The new ownership is said to be having a big fighter’s retreat in May where they will, for the first time, be addressing many of the fighter’s issues. Don’t be surprised, however, if more and more people come out to vent publicly between now and then.

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Richmond, VA by way of San Juan, Puerto Rico. A long time combat sports fan, Felix has spent years covering the regional Virginia amateur and pro MMA scene. He now shifts his focus to writing about national MMA.

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