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Ranking the Top 10 UFC Strawweights



The UFC rankings came out and for the first time they contained the strawweights. I have a few issues with them, not too many, but a few. What I will do is give my rankings, the UFC’s ranking and some of my thoughts and reasons for the ranking.

One of the differences in my rankings is that I will start with the champion as my number one. Unless the rankings are for the contenders only then the champ is number one. Also, it will be just the top ten. There is something pure about a top ten list that I like.


Gadelha and Jedrzejczyk are likely next for Esparza’s gold

#1 Carla Esparza (UFC-champion) Going into TUF 20 Esparza was the top seed and Anthony Pettis first pick. She fought through that pressure and those of the house to make it into the finals. There she defeated the tough Rose Namajunas to become the first UFC strawweight champion. Now she faces some new challengers.

#2 Joanna Jedrzejczyk (UFC-#1) Her fight with Claudia Gadelha was very close but Jedrzejczyk got the SD and the first title shot. Jedrzejcyk may have the best one strike power in the division. She dropped Gadelha in their fight and KO’d the tough Rosi Sexton.

#3 Claudia Gadelha (UFC-#2) While she will not get the next shot at the title, her shot is still coming. Many fans have anticipated a fight between her and Esparza. It will most likely come sometime this year. Until then I predict she finishes her next fight in a violent fashion.

#4 Rose Namajunas (UFC-#4) At only 22 years of age, Namajunas is still years away from her prime. She could be undefeated right now if she had chosen a safer path. Instead, she has challenged herself and faced the best in her division. She also has defeated many of them. Another title fight is in her future.

#5 Joanne Calderwood (UFC-#6) In her UFC debut against Seohee Ham we saw Calderwood display the striking arsenal that had many picking her to be the first UFC champion. Look for a big 2015 from her and she is definitely one of the title contenders.

#6 Jessica Penne (UFC-#3) I think that Penne is one of the best fighters in the division and I think she is an even better atomweight. I get why people have her at number three as she made it to the semi-finals and then defeated Randa Markos at the finale, but against Namajunas or Calderwood I like them over her. That means I cannot rank her ahead of them.

#7 Randa Markos (UFC-#7) The fight with Penne was a close one and Markos continues to improve. The UFC has her ranked behind Tecia Torres which makes no sense to me. In my rankings head-to-head match ups matter and since Markos just defeated Torres on the show I have to put Markos higher.

#8 Tecia Torres (UFC-#5) This is not a knock on Torres at all but I feel the other fighters should be ranked higher. Torres is another fighter who is a couple of years away from her prime and will be challenging for a title shot soon.

#9 Paige VanZant (UFC-#11) Her impressive debut win only increased the annoyance that VanZant was not on TUF 20 due to her young age. She might be the rawest talent in the top ten and one of the most talented. She has a ferocious fighting spirit and looks like she could be future champion.

#10 Aisling Daly (UFC-#9) Daly has a strong all-around game that is tough for her opponents and starts with her awkward movement. She would be a tough fight for anyone in the division.

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