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RAW Highlights: Brock returns, KO slams MGK, Ambrose versus Sheamus



Cleveland’s Cavaliers may not get their hands on the Larry O’ Brien this year, but their city was sure as hell rewarded with one fun-filled night of action inside of the Quicken Loans Arena on tonight’s edition of RAW. Check out some of the video highlights below.

If you’re a middle aged dude like me, watching MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) perform a couple of songs probably made you throw up in your mouths a little. Thankfully, Kevin Owens came out and did what every one of us could only dream of.

Tonight’s episode wasn’t really that great in terms of wrestling, aside from the Owens-Ziggler and Ambrose-Sheamus, but it really did a phenomenal job at moving the story line along. You’ve already found highlights from both of the aforementioned matches above.

The night closed out with The Authority revealing that Brock Lesnar has been reinstated and will take on Seth Rollins for his World Heavyweight Title next month at Battleground.

The less words the better when Brock is involved and Heyman isn’t holding a mic. Rollins couldn’t even make eye contact with Lesnar. As our mutual friend Lady J said on social media during the broadcast – this is an example of great characterization. Kudos to everyone involved. The Universe just feels like a better place when “The Beast” and his advocate are a part of the roster. Also of note, any speculation on whether or not Brock would be returning as a babyface ended when he made his walk down the aisle sporting a “Suplex City: Cleveland” shirt. The WWE could make a killing if they make a limited edition of these for each city they visit.

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