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RAW Positives: The brilliance of Ambrose, Wyatt’s poised for a comeback and more




We could talk all day about how much garbage is aired weekly on WWE’s flagship program each Monday night. It’s just too easy. My suggestion has always been to DVR the show instead of sitting through the full 3 hours and 15 minutes or so of programming. It’s a lot less painful, and on some nights you can finish is less than an hour. Instead of concentrating on the garbage though, lets take a quick look at some of the cool stuff that came out of last nights RAW. It’s not much, but it shows a little bit of promise during what has typically become WWE’s most brutal portion of the year – the last few months.

This new creepy vignette is just the sign we needed to show us that the Wyatt family isn’t being buried – they are just being reintroduced. And everyone’s favorite Wyatt, Luke Harper, appears to be the focus. With Hell in a Cell and Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to let him loose so he can unleash hell and show us the monster we’ve all known he’s capable of becoming. It’s just really comforting to see that the WWE isn’t missing the boat with Harper here. He deserves so much more than he’s been given since this recent collapse of the Wyatt’s.

There is no positive when it comes to a top superstar like Roman Reigns getting injured. We hate to see it happen, and we always wish the best for all pro wrestling talent in terms of health whether we enjoy their characters or not. The only thing you can do creatively is make the best of these situations by pushing other top talent on your roster. While the WWE seems to have a tough time doing that in terms of mid card talents, they continue to do a pretty good job at the top. Dean Ambrose has been a fan favorite for a while, and with Reigns and Daniel Bryan out for the foreseeable future, he’s putting himself in a really nice position. This prank may have been a little Nickelodeonesque, but it works when you have someone like Ambrose doing it.

You know what, basically anything works with this guy right now. He’s got that same it factor that made guys like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and CM Punk superstars. You can only hope the WWE recognizes this when Reigns and Bryan come back. Congratulations Ambrose, you’ve made RAW worth watching again. Those handful of weeks you were away were the longest weeks ever.

It’s always nice to see WWE teaming with Susan G. Komen for the month of October and there is no better man to discuss that partnership than The Hulkster. It’s a beautiful thing.

Other than that you had some garbage Divas spots, more proof that creative has no idea how to handle Paige and A.J., further evidence that the Intercontinental Championship is becoming a joke, and little to no progress on The Authority angle. At least Lana’s outfits are always a positive.