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RAW Report 4/8/2013



New World Champion Dolph Ziggler
It’s the day after Wrestlemania 29, and RAW is action packed.  We’re going to break down the segments, and give our thoughts on what went right, what went wrong and what should be next! 
WWE Opening Segment with John Cena and Mark Henry
John Cena came out to address the WWE Universe, and was met with a very mixed reaction.  Shocking right?  Nope.  He did his celebration, teased the rumored heel turn by turning his heel as part of his celebration dance.  He then said he was looking for a fight.  Cue Mark Henry. 

The Champ is Here!
If you ever want to kill a segment that’s already slowed to a stall, insert Mark Henry.  It was a boring segment, that teased a world title match, but then Booker T qualified it by saying if Henry beats Cena here tonight, he will earn a title shot.  Great, a non title match in the main event.  Next. 

want to further kill it, insert Booker T.

Winners: I guess Mark Henry, as he gets to find himself inexplicably in the main event.

Losers:  Fans. 

What’s Next:  Maybe Henry gets the win, sets up future title shot, maybe he loses and we learn it was just a quick rebook since The Rock who was supposed to be on the show, went home earlier in the day. 
Big E Langston has POWER!
Daniel Bryan vs. Big E Langston
We see Big E Langston is about to get a push, which he’s do.  He has a ton of talent if not his own theme song.  He came out to Dolph Ziggler’s theme, and then used the help of Dolph to get the win over Daniel Bryan. 
The match itself wasn’t remarkable, and there are plenty of guys on the roster who can get Langston over, not sure he has to be tied to Daniel Bryan or Kane.  He has all the power moves; we just need to see him do it on his own.  Decent match, but it’s time to see more out of Langston. 
Winners:  Big E. Langston, who is starting to get pushed.
Losers:  Bryan I suppose, although he looks good even in losing.
What’s Next: Langston shows some serious power, and could excel if he has a personality at all.  I’d like to see him work with Kane, Ryback or Henry or maybe do some work with Big Show. 
Wade Barrett vs. The Miz for Intercontinental Title
Barret once again IC Champion
Last night, at the Wrestlemania pre show, The Miz was able to defeat Wade Barrett to become the    These two went at it pretty solid, and had a good match.  The Miz is talented wrestler, and Barrett is a durable guy as well.  For whatever reason, they decided to undo what was done last night, and Barrett won to earn back his IC Title.

champion, tonight they were at it again.

These guys compliment each other really well. They had a good match last night at Wrestlemania and had another good one tonight.  Barrett moves on with the belt, but something tells me this isn’t over. 

Winners: Wade Barrett
Losers: The Miz for his 24 hour title reign
What’s Next:  Could be these two swap the title back and forth until meeting at Extreme Rules to settle it once and for all.  Good wrestlers having good matches.  WWE needs more of this. 
Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter vs. Alberto Del Rio for World Heavyweight Championship
Ziggler FINALLY cashes in!
Didn’t we just see this last night?  Oh, well, it’s true that Zeb wasn’t involved as a competitor last time.  Zeb has the raucous New Jersey crowd chant USA which they happily do.  It’s a back and forth match, but Swagger isn’t getting any gold until he’s at least out of DUI class. 

Alberto Del Rio’s armbar is fun, and he’s a talent, but the WWE CAN NOT get him over with the fans, it’s just not happening.  The wrestlers do their best to put together a good match, and for the most part they do.  It’s back and forth, lots of near falls, but Del Rio looks to injure his knee, and then is locked into the Patriot Lock.

In the end, Del Rio is able to get loose and apply his patented Arm Breaker, securing the victory. 

Doctors look at Del Rio and his injured knee…when all of a sudden, Dolph Ziggler runs in to cash in his Money in the Bank contract finally.  Dolph attacks and gets a near fall.  Ziggler struggles, and winds up in the Arm Breaker, but he capitalizes on the injured leg and uses it to escape the hold, before finally hitting his Zig Zag finisher for the 1-2-3 and the World Title!

Winners: FANS and Ziggler

Losers: Nobody (well, maybe Del Rio)

What’s Next:  Dolph Ziggler will hopefully hold the belt for awhile and make a run as champion. He’s talented, charismatic and the fans LOVED him winning the belt.  He’s already over, just let him do his thing.  Very cool moment. 
Undertaker In Ring w/The Shield

Taker comes down to discuss his match with CM Punk, and before he can get too far, we hear and see The Shield.  They circle the ring, and are on the verge of an attack when the pyro goes off on the ringposts, and Kane/Daniel Bryan run down to make the save.  
Taker, Kane and Daniel Bryan

The Shield making their way to the ring through the crowd.

Taker/Kane and Daniel Bryan stand united as The Shield makes a hasty exit via the capacity crowd.  Nice segment, and if it has to do with The Shield, I dig it. 
Winners:  Taker/Kane/Bryan/The Shield/The Fans

Losers:  Nobody!
What’s Next:  Apparently we’re going to be treated to The Shield and Kane/Taker Bryant fun.  Should be exciting as all six guys know what they’re doing.  I like it, I like it a lot. 
Santino Marella/R Truth and Zach Ryder vs. 3MB
This match was inserted to cool things down, and it did it’s job.  This is easily the hottest crowd I’ve 
Santino Marella and his Cobra!

EVER seen for a WWE RAW.

Santino gets the win for the faces with the dreaded Cobra.  I’m not even exaggerating when I saw I love Santino and think as a comedic wrestler, he’s the best in the business.  Solid fun for the entire family.
Winners:  Nobody really, this was filler. 

Losers:  3MB who will never win again. 

What’s Next:  3MB will continue to lose, and people will continue to be oblivious to it.  Santino needs more airtime.  The cobra, the march, it’s all good. 
Big Show vs. Sheamus, scratch that, Orton vs. Big Show, scratch that, Orton vs. Sheamus
Show drills Orton
We were supposed to see Sheamus face off with Show, but then out came Orton.  Sheamus got the crowd behind him, but after Vicky and Booker T come out, they say, forget the poll, forget common sense, it’s going to be Sheamus vs. Orton with the winner getting Big Show.  Got it?  Me either. 
The fans were not into this at all.  In fact, and I am not exaggerating at all when I say, during this match we got the following chants.  “Boring, JBL, Lawler, Cole, ECW, RVD, Randy Savage, HBK, One More Chair and We are awesome.”  Seriously, they chanted all those things.  It was pretty glorious really. 
In the end, Big Show comes down and cleans house, brutally attacking both Sheamus and Orton, bringing about a “Thank you Big Show” chant.  It was bananas.  Big Show lays out both guys and walks away. 

Winners:  The fans who chanted and had a blast during a boring match!

Losers:  Sheamus and Orton who are forced to continue this crap angle.
What’s Next:  More of the same in this stale Big Show gimmick.  Man, set Sheamus and Orton free, they deserve better than this. 
Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston
This match might well have been terrific, but it went off the rails early as Chris Jericho attacked and  
Walls of Jericho on Fandango

beat Fandango mercilessly for a few minutes, leaving him hurting in a heap in the middle of the ring.

The ring announcer said Fandango was the winner via DQ, but a near death Fandango was given a mic, and gave the correct pronunciation of his name.  It was a funny moment by Fandango and the crowd loved it.  In fact, the crowd loved Fandango so much that they hummed his theme before, during and after his match.  I’ve heard they were at it outside the arena too, in the parking lot.  This crowd definitely liked both Jericho and Fandango.
Winners:  Fandango/Jericho and the Fans.
Losers:  Kofi Kingston who continues to be rudderless. 
What’s Next:  More Jericho and Fandango please.  Would love them as a tag team!
Scrapped 8 Man Tag from WM 29
These fucking guys!
I don’t care about this, beyond saying the outfits worn by Clay and Tensai were horrific and seem to indicate that this pairing is around to stay.  It was a dumb match in theory and turned out lame in actuality.  I don’t care if I ever see Tensai or Clay again. 
For Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow it’s just more misuse and silliness.  Give them something real to do or cut them loose and let them chase singles careers. 
For those who care, Tons of Funk, Clay and Tensai got the win. 
Winners:  Nobody.

Losers:  All of us.
What’s Next: I don’t care. 
John Cena vs. Mark Henry – Non Title Match
This is just spotty booking and serves no purpose.  Mark Henry isn’t getting a belt soon, and John   So, what’s the point?  Apparently to boost Ryback.  The same Ryback who lost clean to Henry yesterday?  Yes, the very same.  This is circle jerk booking and has to be the result of The Rock’s “injury” or tantrum depending on who you listen to. 
Feed Him Cena!

Cena isn’t laying down for Henry one day post Wrestlemania.

Bottom line, Cena wins by count out.  Henry hits his finisher, Ryback runs down, clears out Henry and helps Cena to his feet.  Cena climbs the turnbuckle, celebrates, Ryback gets a feed me more chant going, seemingly upsetting Cena.  Boom, Cena gets snatched up and Ryback drills him with shellshocked, picks up the WWE title and raises it over his head as the fans cheer and chant feed me more. 
Raw Ends.
Winners:  Ryback

Losers:  Cena and Henry
What’s Next:  God only knows, but it looks like Ryback is getting his push restarted and Cena is in no man’s land pending what The Rock decides to do.  If I have to see one triple threat match with Cena/Ryback and Henry, I’ll cry.