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RAW Review (2.22.16): Shane O’Mac is back!



shane-raw-detroitLast night coming out of Fastlane there were many questions to be answered going into WrestleMania. Raw delivered emphatic answers to some of these questions making for a very solid show on Monday Night.

The show started out with Vince McMahon in the ring to present the Vincent J. McMahon legacy of excellence award. He announced the winner to be none other than his daughter Stephanie. As Stephanie began her acceptance speech the theme music of none other than Shane McMahon hit. Shane entered the ring and shunned his father’s hug and handshake attempts. He then declared that Stephanie did not deserve such a prestigious award. Stephanie stated that Shane was nothing more than a quitter who had left 6 or 7 years ago and never came back while she and Triple H had been successfully running WWE. This led to Shane stating they had actually been running WWE into the ground citing the stock drop, ratings drop and amount of talent injuries. He also revealed that he had bailed his father out of a mistake from years earlier to save WWE and allowed him to pursue other interests. He stated he never “lost his place in line” and the only reason Stephanie has climbed as high as she had in WWE is because he, “let it happen.”

Stephanie left the ring saying she would never forgive Shane for this. Shane then made his intentions clear saying he wanted control of Monday Night Raw. Vince said he would give him that if he could win his match at Wrestlemania. Vince said Shane would be facing none other than The Undertaker inside HELL IN A CELL. The crowd popped huge for this and the segment concluded.

Reaction: This one of the loudest pops in many years. The crowd was very into Shane’s return and the match with Undertaker. This SHOULD now be the main event of the show as it is the most must see match and the story writes itself. The Undertaker part is intriguing because it sets him up as a heel and he has always been Vince’s most loyal solider.

Other Highlights:

– New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons and Neville after Kofi raked Sin Cara’s eyes anddelivered trouble in paradise. New Day is still looking to find an opponent at WrestleMania.

– Y2J put over AJ Styles by calling him phenomenal and a top-tier talent who will compete for the world title someday. I feel a Jericho heel turn coming soon to set up a WrestleMania match. In the mean time, Jericho and Styles defeated the Social Outcasts by submission with the walls of Jericho.

– Ryback abandoned Kane and Big Show in a six man tag against the Wyatt Family turning Ryback heel. After the fact Ryback in a back stage interview stated he is looking out for himself now and no one else. Interesting to see where this goes as he needed a shakeup in his character but his heel turn last time did not work.

Roman Reigns took on Sheamus in the main event. After the League of Nations were thrown out from ringside, Reigns took control and speared Sheamus on the outside. When it appeared a Reigns win by count out was imminent Triple H’s music hit. Reigns attacked HHH until HHH hit Reigns in the throat with the ring bell. Hunter the. Smashed Reigns’ face on the announce table multiple times until he was busted wide open. HHH then pedigreed Reigns on the steps to end the show. The crowd was very into HHH and against Reigns. This could not be what they wanted and I think they used blood to try to build sympathy for Reigns. This was overall a very good show.

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