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RAW Top 5 Takeaways for 1.2.2017



Hey guys! I’m back with my top five takeaways from this week’s Monday Night Raw in Tampa, FL and let me tell you, the biggest thing I took away from that show was how painfully bored I was until the last segment. But I was able to find some things that were worth discussing….

Mick Foley was a bad choice for General Manager…

Now I know Mick Foley has taken more than his fair share of bad bumps in his lifetime because of his amazingly brutal wrestling career, but at some point, you’ve got to say enough is enough and just take a break. In terms of Foley’s mental sharpness, you can tell he’s getting more and more forgetful each episode. Not because the man has something wrong with him, (I mean, let’s hope not) but because it seems like he’s under a lot of pressure.

Vince McMahon did say he wants a “ratings war” between the Raw and Smackdown, maybe Foley is feeling like he has to go above and beyond to prove he was a great choice for GM on the Raw brand? Maybe it’s too many scripted lines that he has to remember and being in the ring with a promo general like Stephanie week after week burning a hole into his head while he’s trying to get through the promo gets him too nervous. I don’t know but either way, its awkward to watch and wait for another cringe-worthy mess up.

I also don’t believe the story of this dynamic he has with Stephanie as unit that works together to create the best show. It seems more like she makes the decisions and he just goes along with whatever she says whereas on Smackdown, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan seem to have a similar style in terms of running the show and making decisions that the other would be ok with and even make themselves if one or the other is not on the show that night.

Now I don’t have any suggestions as to who would have been able to fill the spot instead of Foley but I almost would have been happier with John Laurinaitis being the GM and hearing his strained voice every Monday.  

Bayley’s “Daniel Bryan” treatment…

When Bayley was called up and finally made her main roster debut, everyone was filled with joy. It seemed slightly odd to have three of the Four Horsewomen tear down the house in a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania in Dallas and Bayley was nowhere to be found. Then Bayley was called up and we thought “finally!!” Since then, its been kind of “what are they doing with her?” Well after Sasha lost at Roadblock and released her hold on being included in the Women’s Title picture (for now) we see Bayley is positioned to have her run at the title. That was cemented on this episode of Raw as she was crowned the new number one contender for Charlotte’s championship and will be facing her at the Royal Rumble.

Now of course, WWE can’t do another “I’m better than you and that’s why I deserve to be champion”- even though they could because she has beaten Charlotte 3 times already. Instead, it looks like we are getting a “you don’t deserve to be champion because you’re a bum off the street who doesn’t fit the champion mold” aka Daniel Bryan’s storyline leading into WrestleMania 30. Only this time, it’s Stephanie who’s heading the revolt against Bayley. And naturally she does it in the most Steph way possible by telling Bayley that she didn’t even want her on the Raw roster to begin with. If they really want to go the D-Bry route, you would think that this would culminate at WrestleMania and Bayley can get her shining champion moment on the biggest stage there is…instead this match will be taking place at the end of the month.

I loved Bayley’s lovable character on NXT but now it just seems like she’s a chump. Hopefully there will be much more interaction between the two people in the match and less of Stephanie crapping all over her talent and flexing her McMahon muscles and making Bayley look stupid like she does with ALL the men on the show. And something tells me that this won’t be over at the Royal Rumble and Bayley will still be in the title hunt and apart of the championship match in come April in Orlando.

New Day needs a new purpose…

I love The New Day. I’ve been a fan of them since they first debuted (not the ORIGINAL debut) and they have been entertaining ever since. There have been a few hiccups along the way and segments that have fallen flatter than a pancake-looking at you “Old Day”- but overall, things have been fun and they’ve been nothing but great. Now that they don’t have the tag team titles, what is the next step for the Booty-O gang? Hopefully no more people trying join the squad like Titus. I laughed way more than I probably should have during this part of the show but it got me thinking about how talented the three of those guys are and what each of them bring to the table.

I know that all factions eventually come to an end and I am PRAYING WWE doesn’t have that end slated for them in the near future, as I think they can do so much more as a group. A real heel turn for them could be epic! I’ve always pictured Big E as the Universal champion and Kofi and Xavier backing him up. And I don’t know how they could make this idea work but hell, possible Freebird Rules with the biggest title on the brand would be something interesting and different as well as a chance to see some other guys in the main event for a change, even if it’s just for a little while.  I know the split is on the horizon but let’s hope we can enjoy the Power of Positivity for a little bit longer.

JeriKO is my favorite thing about Raw…

Can we please take a moment and appreciate everything that is Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho’s bromance? Drink it in maaaaaaannnn. Well I have DEFINITELY drank all the JeriKO kool-aid and I’m SO happy this pair of bff’s is still going strong. The pair’s interactions are the best thing about the Monday night brand and its only getting better. For months we’ve seen the two consistently have each other’s backs, duping opponents together in the defense of “their” Universal Championship, teasing the crowd with a potential split after survivor series, only to have the entire argument lead to them collectively blaming Roman Reigns much to the pleasure of everyone watching. And the hilarious witty banter during their matches and promos that make everyone laugh nonstop.

I mean, I couldn’t control my laughter when Jericho kept wanting Owens to refer to him as the “sexy piñata” that will be hanging above the ring during KO’s championship match at the Rumble in a few weeks. Now, we are starting to see the seeds being planted for what may be the beginning of the end, as Jericho made his plans known that he will be entering the Royal Rumble and could possibly end up facing his bestie for the title. This whole storyline has played out perfectly so far and when we do get the demise of JeriKO, whether it’s for the title or not, that match is going to be one of the best we’ve seen these from these two.

And speaking of two people we want in a match…

How about that stare-down between Roman Reigns and Goldberg?! A spear vs. spear match??? Doesn’t everyone want to see that happen?? No…? Not quite…? Ok, well I mean as long as it’s not a main event of any kind on a pay-per-view, I’m all for it! Plus, maybe a match against Goldberg is all we need to finally turn Roman heel…

So those are my thoughts on this week’s lackluster episode of Raw. Let me know what you guys think! What were your takeaways from this week?

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