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Remembering Daryl Takahashi



A tragedy occurred during day four of this year’s G1 Climax and it has sent fans of Hiromu Takahashi’s lovable Mochineko plush doll, Daryl, into utter shock and heartache. As you’ll see in the video below, Bad Luck Fale ripped Daryl into pieces during 6-man tag match between Los Ingobernables de Japon and Bullet Club. It’s with heavy hearts that we share the following video.

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic.

Here is a mix of Twitter reactions and messages fans of Daryl have sent us that we’d like to share to celebrate the life of this young creature that gave us so much happiness:

I was so distraught when Mr. Belt was taken from Hiromu. I didn’t think anything in life would ever be okay again. But then, along came Daryl. Daryl helped not only Hiromu, but all of the LIJ fans cope with the loss of Mr. Belt. The sun isn’t shining today, out of respect for the loss of someone who was too good and pure for our world. RIP Daryl. – @J_VFrankenstein

I loved Daryl so much I got my own Daryl from Hamee. Fale sucks. I especially enjoyed the way Hiromu treated Daryl like family.@jolietjake

This video of Hirmou and Daryl getting their hair done together just last week really pulls at the heartstrings following last night’s events. It’s a beautiful moment that we were lucky enough to have the Takahashi’s share with us.

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