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Ring of Honor Episode #286 Review



ROH Live TV Results
Episode 286
Live from Pittsburgh, PA

Alex Shelley joins Riccoboni on commentary.

Match 1: The Young Bucks vs. Coast to Coast

Nick and LSG start the match off. They trade-off headlocks and wristlocks until Nick dropkicks LSG. The YB try to hit the Rise of the Terminator but Ali pulls their legs from under them. LSG goes for a corkscrew dive on the Bucks. Back in the ring, C2C have the momentum. When we come back from commercial, The YB have the advantage but the C2C are able to hit their signature, “Coast to Coast”. They hang Matt in the tree of wo and bot leap from opposite corners and crash into Matt. They have a near fall, but Nick Jackson breaks it up.The YB rally and land some offence on C2C. Jackson lands a thrust kick on LSG, and he ends up hanging between the ropes. Matt holds LSG and Nick hits a 450 splash. Matt then pins LSG.

Result: The Young Bucks def. Coast to Coast

-After the match the Young Bucks mock the Hardys. They mimic the Hardys’ finishers and Matt Jackson hits the Twist of Fate on Ali. Jackson then climbs up to the top rope and starts “Delete, suck it” chants. He then leaps onto Ali with a Swanton Bomb.

-Lio Rush is interviewed. He says he’s been playing mind games with The Rebellion the previous week. Kenny King comes out and challenges him to a match for the next week.

Match 2: Top Prospects Tournament 1st Round Match: Curt Stallion vs Preston Quinn/w Andy Vineberg

Quinn beats Stallion down early on. Stallion makes a comeback and hit a double foot stomp. He gains momentum until Vineberg grabs Stallion’s leg from outside. Quinn uses the distraction to get up and hit Stallion with a lariat. He then hits a devastating brain buster. He covers Stallion with one hand but Stallion kicks out. Quinn keeps on beating down Stallion. He hits a modified torture rack back breaker on Stallion. Stallion is able to rally and get a near fall on Quinn. After some back and forth, Quinn hits a spike piledriver on Stallion. Instead of going for the pun, he decides to climb on the top rope. He jumps off and tries to go for a flying elbow but he misses. He grabs his elbow from a seated position. Stallion gets up and runs towards Quinn. He lands a diving and the covers Quinn for the win.

Result: Curt Stallion def. Preston Quinn

Cody Rhodes comes out. He asks his Bullet Club partner Hangman Page to come down to the ring. Page comes out and hands him his signature noose. Cody unties it and talks about his father’s- Dusty Rhodes- legacy with ropes and cowbells. He then challenges Jay Lethal to a Texas Bullrope match at Supercard of Honor XI.

Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs. Jonathan Gresham

The match starts with a sequence of standing switches, go behinds and matt wrestling. Gresham hits a hurricanrana on Castle. Castle is sent outside the ring. Gresham tries to dive onto Castle but The Boys pull him out of the way. He stops midair, readjust and hits Castle with a running high knee. Gresham then taunts Castle by imitating his strut. This ends up costing him the match. When the action return to the ring, Gresham stalls on the top rope, then jumps off. Castle catches him mid-air. He hits his Bang-a-Rang finisher on Gresham and pins him.

Result: Dalton Castle def. Jonathan Gresham

No Disqualification Match: Punisher Martinez & BJ Whitmer vs. War Machine

This was basically was brawl. Punisher put Hanson through a table at the end.

Result: Punisher Martinez & BJ Whitmer def. War Machine

At the end of the bout, Punisher turned on his partner and chokeslammed Whitmer. Officials had to help Whitmer to the back.

Thanks to @RealSophie1 for this report

Sophie is an avid sports fan. She follows many sports, including hockey. She has been a wrestling fan for 20 years and enjoys wrestling from all around the globe.

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