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RIP: Former heavyweight champ and ‘Rocky V’ star Tommy Morrison dies at 44




The boxing world lost one of its brightest former stars Sunday with the tragic passing of Tommy “Duke” Morrison. He was a heavyweight with movie star good looks and a Hollywood type of punching power. This translated into a co-starring role in Rocky V as Tommy Gunn. He went 48-3-1, 42 KOs over his career and captured the WBO heavyweight belt back in 1993 when he defeated George Foreman. It was the only time he held the title.

His is a cautionary tale of the dangers of fame and invincibility. He tested positive for HIV and accepted it in 1996. He blamed his attitude and lifestyle for him contracting the disease. hen, some years later he contended that he did not have the disease and even fought in two boxing matches in 2006 and 2007.

Unfortunately, the disease continued to erode away at him until the end. His was a star that burn brightly into fight fans hearts with his trademark left hook and smile. He will be missed but will always hold a place in our hearts. He was a much too young 44 years of age when he passed.

via Dwayne Wolff

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