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Major ROH TV Taping Spoiler Alert



This past Friday night in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Ring of Honor blessed their fans with 4 television tapings. Two title matches took place and A.J. Styles was supposed to wrestle, but didn’t due to an injury. Fear not, Styles will be back in December to take on ROH World Champion Jay Lethal at Final Battle in Philly. Your heard that right, ROH World Champion, not ROH World Champion and ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal. SPOILER ALERT.

In the third episode taped on the night, the main event featured a World Television Championship bout which saw Lethal defend his strap against one of only three ROH Triple Crown Champions – Roderick Strong.

In a match that started off slow, Lethal doing the typical heel escape from the ring bit etc. etc., these two men ended up putting on what was easily the match of the night. Lethal hit a couple of monster near falls before eventually being brutalized by Strong so much so that he would end up dropping the title he held for a record 567 days. Here’s a .gif of the beginning of the end for Lethal followed by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness’ recap of the full event.


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