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Countdown to UFC 175 ‘Rousey vs. Davis’ full video




Is there truly no better time than now to dethrone UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey? Kirian Fitzgibbons, Davis’ head trainer over at CSA, certainly thinks so.”If there’s a time to beat Ronda Rousey, now’s the time,” Fitzgibbons told the Countdown crew during the lead up to his students title fight this Saturday night in Vegas.

This of course is the consensus school of thought due to Rousey’s recent schedule. A schedule which has included the filming of multiple feature films, something Rousey will not let deter her from continuing to achieve greatness inside of the cage.

“My only focus is beating on Alexis Davis on July 5th. My whole fighting career and my whole Hollywood career depends on it.” – Rousey

Ronda is quick to give credit for her career where credit is due. “You think if I was still bartending and was a former Judoka that any of these people would’ve knocked on my door and asked me to do these movies? No,” Rousey explains. “Every single time I defend this belt is buying more time that I still have in both of these careers.”

The UFC Countdown feature attached below also hows us just how serious Davis is taking her shot at being etched into the UFC history books. Between training her wrestling at team Alpha-Male with Ohio State 4-time All-American Lance “The Party” Palmer, working her Jiu-Jitsu with husband and trainer Flavio Meier, and of course continuing to evolve her striking game with the aforementioned Fitzgibbons; Davis has concocted a regimen that reeks of success. However, Rousey is not impressed.

“Team Alpha-Male is definitely one of the best camps out there, but, knowing myself and knowing what I’m capable of..there really is no progression of good choices that could really help her. She won’t win,” said Rousey.

These are just some of the storylines heading into Saturday nights co-main event title bout between Rousey and Davis. It will be Rousey’s 5th title defense, a feat even more impressive when you consider the fact that it’ll will only be her 10th professional fight, and her 6th as a bantamweight, all of which have been title fights.

You can catch the full Rousey-Davis portion of Countdown to UFC 175 via for much more:

Go behind the scenes of as two undefeated champions prepare to defend their titles against hungry challengers at UFC 175 on July 5. In the co-main event, Alexis Davis brings her diverse skill set to try to become the first woman to defeat dominant superstar Ronda Rousey

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