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BMF of the Week: Ronda Rousey




It’s only proper that this weeks Jules Winnfield ‘BMF of the Week’ award goes to the ‘Rowdy’ one herself. If she wasn’t already the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” before Saturday night then I’d say she certainly is now following her 16-second masterpiece at UFC 175. Rousey did not even get her opponent a second to think before implementing her in cage version of ‘total domination’ against Alexis Davis. Let’s look at the finishing sequence.

We’ll just go ahead and say that the finishing sequence for this fight began at the :02 marker of the very first round. They met in the center of the cage and Rousey touched Davis with a double left jab while Davis threw out a left followed by a right hook. They separate for a second. The speed discrepancy becomes more and more clear every time we go back and watch this fight. Ronda came out to maim; Davis never had a moment to breathe or set anything up. We are now 4 seconds in after the brief separation. Rousey plants her right foot, bends her knees and unloads a right hand with bad intentions. Davis throws a right of her own a millisecond after Rousey’s, but it’s Rousey’s that lands. By the time Davis throws a left to follow up, Rousey has already disappeared. Rousey’s first shot didn’t do any damage but she’s showing some stellar stand up here against a proven striker in Davis. We reset again for a moment. This time it’s Davis getting off first with a left jab followed by a right power hook that misses the mark. Another left jab that taps Rousey on the glove and we again are starting to realize that all of the footage of Rousey hitting pads aren’t just for show. We’re only 8 seconds in though. Davis has plenty of time to find her range. Right? Wrong. We’re halfway through the fight.

Just as Davis begins to show that left again, Rousey feints hers to set up a lightning quick right hand that catches Davis on the temple, right behind her left ear, and buckles her. From there she employs a clinch and throws a left knee to the body. A second later she rag dolls Davis to the ground, hitting her trademark hip throw on her now lifeless opponent with ease. This is all after only 10 seconds. Rousey is now cradling Davis scarf hold style and manages to throw not 1, not 2, not 3, but 9 unanswered punches in 3 seconds. Davis goes limp somewhere in between the first and the last one and Yves Lavigne waves off the fight as quickly as humanly possible. Davis tries to pull Rousey back, Rousey politely removes her right, and left hands from her hips and then proceeds to smile for what is likely the first time since she entered the arena. Lavinge then has to wrestle Davis for about as long as the actual fight before she realizes that this is not the same person she’s been training for since April.

Dana White made some bizarro comment after this fight about how Rousey is the only girl who could beat up every man on the Las Vegas strip. First off, enough with Rousey fighting guys already. Let’s save that for the movies. I don’t have the quote right in front of me but it was basically just Dana White being Dana White and promoting one of his fighters saying something goofy. But then I got to thinking, did he mean she could beat them all up in succession or one every couple of months in the octagon? Meh…who cares. Then I really got to thinking…and this is a legitimate question – if Davis (the #2 ranked fighter at the time of the fight) was followed by Tate, McMann, Kaufman, Eye, Carmouche, Nunes, Andrade, and then Correia, playing the role of a final boss, for the grand finale to end all grand finales – what would happen? When it comes to Rousey the real question is – how long would it take?

As fans, we’ve seen so many incredible quick KO’s in this sport. Have we ever seen one that involved as much action though in just 16 seconds? According to fightmetric, Rousey landed 14 of 16 strikes in addition to her one takedown and pass. They have her landing 9 strikes on the ground, the 1 knee to the body, and the 4 remaining to the head of Davis. That’s a lot of action. It’s certainly more than enough to make Ronda Rousey the BMF of the week.