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Ronda Rousey Isn’t Buying Floyd Mayweather In the UFC: ‘That’ll Never Happen’



Floyd Mayweather insists he’s seriously considering a move from boxing to mixed martial arts but former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey just isn’t buying it.

For the past few months, Mayweather has been telling anyone who would listen that he’s considering a jump over to MMA after retiring from boxing last year following a win over UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor

Add to that, Mayweather just recently teamed up with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who has stated that he’s committed to helping the 41-year old boxer transition into MMA if he really wants to try his hand at competing inside the Octagon.

Despite all of the talking that Mayweather’s done about making the move to MMA, Rousey doesn’t believe for a second that he’s actually considering a crossover from boxing to the Octagon.

“That’ll never happen. That will never happen,” Rousey told ESPN on Tusday. “It’s all talk.”

Of course, Rousey has her own history with Mayweather after UFC president Dana White touted for years that she would ragdoll the boxer if he ever decided to try her in a mixed martial arts fight.

Rousey also took her own shots at Mayweather, especially when bringing up his ugly history with domestic violence so there’s certainly no love lost there between the combat sports superstars.

Regardless of the past, Rousey can still be brutally honest when assessing Mayweather’s chances in the UFC and it’s not good.

As confident as Mayweather sounds about his potential transition, Rousey knows the reality is much different and chances are the former multi-time champion would not like what would happen to him in the UFC.

“Different strokes for different folks,” Rousey added. “But I don’t think he’d do well in MMA at all.”

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