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Ronda Rousey joins the cast of Expendables 3




The fantasy female fight matchup that will likely never happen inside of the Octagon appears to be headed for the big screen.

After asking his fans who the “newest..toughest female on the planet” was in a tweet last week, Stallone followed with the this not so cryptic tweet:

That explosion you heard that immediately followed Stallone’s tweet was MMA fan boys and girls assaulting their respective keyboards on various message boards and forums across the web. Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano? Nah. Probably Rene Russo vs. Glenn Close.

Earlier tonight Stallone made it official:

While it remains to be seen if Carano will join Rousey, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Statham, and the multitude of action heroes already slated for the franchise’s third installment – my money would be on her saying yes if, and when Stallone asks. Even if you turn down Rocky once, he’ll usually get you the second time around, just ask JCVD.

Early this year Rousey was reportedly offered a role in an upcoming Hunger Games film. While that never quite panned out, there are still two more movies in the series that have yet to be filmed. Author Suzanne Collins’ final Hunger Games offering, Mockingjay, will be broken up into two films for Lionsgate Entertainment. For the immediate future though, Rousey being cast for the Expendables 3 is the perfect start for the two-time defending bantamweight champion. There is no pressure on her to put on a great performance. Not to mention she’ll be surrounded by Hollywood legends who she can probably even teach a thing or two about fight choreography.

The Expendables 3 is currently set to release on August 15th of 2014 in the States. You can catch Rousey opposite her archrival Miesha Tate starting September 4th on the all new FOX Sports 1 network where the two will coach male and female competitors on the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter. The two coaches will close out 2013 with a rematch for the belt that Rousey ripped away from Tate last March at UFC 168.

via Dave Reno for hov-mma

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