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Ronda Rousey: This is definitely one of my last fights



If you’re a fan of watching Ronda Rousey fight, you’re definitely going to want to tune into her upcoming title bout on December 30th. After all, it may be one of the final times we see the former 6-time defending UFC champion compete inside of the octagon.

Rousey, one of the top draws in UFC history, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres today for a little chat ahead of her return to the cage at UFC 207 against current champion Amanda Nunes.

The former UFC titleholder said that she’s been training twice a day since the beginning of August and would much rather get the fight out of the way right now than deal with the tiring “build up” to the fight. When she’s not preparing for her upcoming fight, you can probably find her knitting with her new bestie Kat Dennings (Rousey revealed that she belongs to a knitting club with Kat named ‘The Yarn and the Restless’ – adorable).

The biggest takeaway from the interview though was when Rousey revealed that she won’t be sticking around the sport for as long as some may think.

“I’m wrapping it up,” Rousey said when asked about her future in the fight game. “This is definitely one of my last fights. Everyone better watch.”

While Rousey hasn’t exactly been shy about an early retirement from the sport that made her a household name in the past, it’s interesting to hear that she’s not only sticking to her guns after being out of the limelight for nearly a year, she seems to be happy living a domesticated lifestyle. Rousey is at her happiest when talking about her family and her boyfriend, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, whom she speaks highly of during this interview. She also talks about a prestigious list that she made (it has nothing to do with Chris Jericho) in the interview which you can find a nice five minute clip of below thanks to EllenTube.