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UFC 193: Holly Holm just knocked Ronda Rousey out with a head-kick and hammerfists




Ronda Rousey came into her UFC title fight with Holly Holm with an aura around her that was comparable to Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko and even Mike Tyson in his prime. As a -2000 favorite, it didn’t seem to be a matter of if Rousey would win – it was just a matter of how.

Would she go to her bread and butter and hit that patented Judo throw/armbar combo? Or would she actually decide to trade hands with the former 18-time world champion boxer and beat her at her own game? Unfortunately for the seemingly unbeatable 7-time defending UFC women’s bantamweight champion, neither would be the case.

Holly Holm pulled off what arguably will go down as the greatest upset in UFC history right alongside Matt Serra’s KO of Georges St. Pierre at UFC 69. She was able to use her movement and far superior boxing to make a mockery of Rousey in front of a record setting crowd inside of Melbourne, Australia’s Etihad Stadium.

After a clear 10-9 opening round for the challenger, Holm embarrassed Rousey early on in the 2nd. A desperate Rousey would chase Holm throughout the first minute of the 2nd stanza only to receive a head kick followed by hammerfists that would render her unable to continue. It would also send the MMA universe into shock.

Holly Holm fought the perfect fight against a clearly unstable Ronda Rousey. She as able to land her jab at will and force Rousey to fight her fight. Even when Rousey got Holm to the ground she just didn’t seem to be able to impose that same killer instinct she had been able to in the past. Was it from being cracked in the face with authority for the first time in her career? Or was this a case of a world class athlete finally breaking down due to all of the media obligations and personal issues adding up over time?

While tonight’s shocking result didn’t help Rousey’s career outside of the UFC it certainly didn’t hurt Dana White and company. You can count on a Holm-Rousey rematch at UFC 200 to do monster numbers even after Rousey’s pitiful performance. Expect some changes to be made (don’t expect to find Edmond Tarverdyan in her corner) and blame to be laid. Here’s just one of the shocking images that will haunt Rousey throughout the rest of her career.


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