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Impact Wrestling

Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) makes his Impact Wrestling debut (video)



You may have already heard, or maybe you haven’t, regardless, the big news that Rolling Stone broke yesterday has be realized. Arguably the hottest free agent on the market, Damien Sandow, has been signed by Impact Wrestling.

Sandow’s recent run with WWE spanned a little over a half decade and included a Tag Team Championship run and Money in the Bank win. More importantly, Sandow was a huge fan favorite. After being released by WWE earlier this year, Sandow instantly became one of the most sought after talents in the world of professional wrestling. Now, just days after his no compete clause has come to an end, Sandow has resurfaced as Aron Rex.

Here’s an opening snippet from Rex’s heartfelt speech:

“Impact Wrestling management has done what a few people were too scared to do. Give me a microphone on live TV. Now, I am not going to stand out here and talk about glass ceilings and brass rings and any other kind of cliché. I’m going to do what I always have done and that’s come out here and tell the truth. I am going to speak with full disclosure and for those who used to employ me, don’t worry because this is not about you. This is about something near and dear to my heart something that I’ve always put first and foremost in my career, the paying customer, the supporter of pro wrestling – the fans. And over the course of the last five years, me having this philosophy, some people have labeled me too entertaining to receive opportunities to compete for world titles. But remember this and I mean this from the bottom of my heart no matter what any majority shareholder, CEO or authority figure may want u to believe. Anyone who has ever stepped foot into any ring has always worked directly for all of you, so, Impact, here we are.”