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Sasha Banks realizes her dream on Monday Night RAW (video)



It was the match women’s wrestling at the WWE level was in desperate need of since the classic three way between Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 32. During tonight’s instant classic for the WWE Women’s Championship on the first post brand split episode of RAW, both Charlotte and Sasha Banks showed us time and time again why they are the elite of the elite. In the end though, tonight would be Sasha’s big night.

Tonight in Pittsburgh, “The Boss” would realize a dream that she wrote down in her notebook as a 10-year-old – to become the greatest women’s wrestler in the world.

“I did it!” – Sasha Banks after winning the WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha even got to pay homage her her Eddie Guerrero en route to her first title win:

Charlotte’s title reign ends at 113 days with Banks becoming the 2nd competitor to hold the new WWE Women’s Championship that was introduced at WrestleMania 32.