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SD Live Highlight: Carmella wins MITB again



This time, she gets to keep it.

Fabulous. The Kayfabe ‘Princess of Staten Island’. Carmella San Diego. You can call her whatever you’d like. Just get used to calling her Ms. Money in the Bank for the time being. Capiche? 

Carmella was able to claim the coveted briefcase once again in the second Women’s Money in the Bank match (in history and this month) to solidify herself as the biggest threat for Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Championship.

After a botched attempt by James Ellsworth to help her ‘homegirl’ snatch the case, it appeared that Becky Lynch would be the one leaving San Diego with the prize this time around. Instead, Becky would learn just how fixated Carmella was on winning the briefcase. After ‘The Irish Lass Kicker’ took Ellsworth out of the equation, Carmella would use the NO DQ stipulation to her advantage by taking Becky out with a steel chair. A shot to her already damaged leg and one to the back would to the trick as Carmella would then climb the ladder to unhook the case, on her own this time, making her the first woman in WWE history to earn the title of Ms. Money in the Bank. Check out the highlights and the finish below.