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SD Live Recap: Daniel Bryan returns, announces MITB Rematch




The Big Takeaway

Daniel Bryan returned and striped Carmella of the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase and announced a rematch for next week. Baron Cobin teased a cash-in. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Dolph Ziggler and American Alpha returned.

SmackDown Live Results:

Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch Natalya and Tamina were waiting outside Bryan’s office. Bryan arrived and said he will hear from all the competitors but wants to hear what Carmella and James Ellsworth first.

In-Ring: Carmella and James Ellsworth

Carmella was introduced as the first ever Miss MITB. Ellsworth introduced her over and over again as the WWE Universe booed. She said was the last pick in the draft and wasn’t here for girl power. She reminded the fans that Kane helped Seth Rollins win the MITB and Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the match. She called the Tweeters who complained pathetic as the WWE Universe chanted for Bryan. Carmella reminded us she is Miss MITB.

  • Carmella cut a good promo and sounded comfortable on the mic

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Charlotte Flair

Charlotte said they wanted to make history but did in an unfortunate way. Bryan said he will consider her words.

WWE announced Jinder Mahal will face Luke Harper and Nakamura will face Ziggler later on in the show.

Big E (w/Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) def. Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso)

New Day showed still photo from MITB and cut a promo explaining that the Usos escaped with the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Jimmy took control during the commercial break but Big E recovered and delivered back-to-back overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Big E went for a splash but Jimmy countered with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Jimmy got caught with a STO in the corner but then bailed to the floor. Usos were trying to walkout again but Kingston stopped Jey with a dive and Woods stopped Jimmy with the trombone. Back in the ring Big E delivered the Big Ending for the win.

  • A short but good match

Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Natalya and Tamina

Bryan was on the phone with Shane McMahon as Natalya and Tamina entered the SmackDown GM’s office. Natalya was being nice and wished him a late happy Father’s Day. Segment ended with Bryan saying he will have a decision soon.

WWE aired a video package of “Free Agent” and 16x WWE World Champion John Cena returning in two weeks.

Backstage: Dasha Fuentes and Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi

Naomi called the MITB outcome unfortunate but is ready for her next challenger. Lana approached and asked for a rematch. After going back-and-forth Naomi said she will face Lana next week for the Women’s title. Naomi then told Lana to leave or she will smack her back to Russia.

Randy Orton sit-down interview with Tom Phillips

Orton said he lost control after the Singh Brothers raised their hands on his father. Orton said that Mahal has now made this personal and this feud isn’t over. Orton then basically said he would travel to India and RKO every member of Mahal’s family.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dolph Ziggler

Nakamura’s got his full entrance this week and no fake pyro (or boom sounds) as the WWE Universe chanted for Nakamura. Highlights included Nakamura delivering a flying dropkick (Liu Kang style) and then connected with his signature running knee in the corner for a near fall. Nakamura set up for the Kinshasa but Ziggler dodged attacked the lower leg and delivered a Fameasser for a two count.

Ziggler went for a school boy but Nakamura countered with a Triangle Choke and then transitioned into a cross arm breaker. Zigger escaped by poking Nakamura in the eye. Ziggler countered an Exploder suplex attempt and delivered a Zig Zag for a great near fall.

Ziggler then applied a rear naked choke but Nakmaura countered by delivering kicks to the head. Nakamura then delivered a kick to the back of the head and followed it up with a Kinshasa for the win.

  • Match of the night. My guess is since Nakamura is an awesome wrestler and so charismatic, WWE wants him to have long matches on TV to showcase his skills. So ratings will increases as WWE knows that fans will always watch his matches. Nakamura’s booking is solid

Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch

Bryan put over Zayn’s performance in the ladder match and then booked him in a match against Corbin next week. Lynch approached them as Zayn put over her performance. Zayn left as Lynch told Bryan, they call Smackdown Live the land of opportunity but it feels like the land of handouts. Bryan and Lynch then went back-and-forth as the segment ended. (Watch the segment as Lynch was very good)

New Face of America Open Challenge

Owens came out and issued a challenge to anyone who’s from Dayton, Ohio but instead A.J. Styles came out. Owens called Styles a rude American who wasn’t listening but then American Alpha came out. Chad Gable entered the ring as Owens said he wasn’t from Dayton either. Gable said he just moved to Dayton as Owens asked when? Gable said “This morning” WWE Universe cheered. Owens asked for his address (Gable gave the address of the arena which SmackDown Live took place) Styles then basically told the referee to ring the bell as the match began.

United States Championship Match: Kevin Owens def. Chad Gable

Highlights included Gable delivering rolling German suplex as the bell rang and the applied an Ankle lock as Owens grabbed the bottom rope. Gable delivered a great moonsault and a roll-through bridged German suplex for a near fall. Owens recovered and delivered a Pop-up Power Bomb for the win.

  • Was good to see American Alpha back on TV. Even though Gable lost he looked great in the match.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley

Ryder showed footage from the Tag Team Battle Royal where he suffered and ankle injury but the Hype Bros won. Mojo and Ryder asked for an opportunity. Bryan said next week the Usos will face the Hype Bros in a tag team match. If Mojo and Ryder win they will get a title shot.

Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger were promoting a drink from Sonic.

Daniel Bryan gives his verdict for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Bryan came out and got a huge reaction. Bryan called out all the women in the ladder match. Bryan said although there was interference in previous ladder matches but what happened on Sunday was egregious. Ellsworth with mic in hand said Bryan has gone soft since having a “vegan, hippy baby” Bryan told Ellsworth to shut up and then threatened to punch and fire him.

All the women went back-and-forth on the mic as Charlotte said she was waiting for a decision and threatened to make Natalya look like Ellsworth. Bryan said Carmella will be the first woman to hand over her briefcase as Bryan announced a rematch for next week. A short brawl took place after as Carmella was left alone in the ring as Charlotte delivered a Natural Selection and Lynch applied the Dis-Arm-Her.

  • Smart move by WWE to have the rematch take place next week as SmackDown Live should see a huge increase in ratings.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (w/Singh Brothers) def Luke Harper — Non-title Match

Harper delivered a suicide dive but Mahal moved out-of-the-way as one of the Singh Brothers took the bump. Mahal then took control after the Singh Brothers distracted Harper. But Harper made a comeback and delivered a slingshot senton and big boot for a near fall. Harper then went to the top turnbuckle but Mahal stopped him and delivered a superplex.

With both men laying on the mat, out came Corbin who teased a cash-in but instead just decided to walk around the ring and then walked back up the ramp. Harper attempted a school boy after the Corbin distraction but Mahal kicked out. Finish came with Mahal delivering a big boot and The Khallas for the win.

  • A fine match as both Harper and Mahal looked good in the match. Orton came out and cleaned house by delivering a backdrop on the barricade and followed it up with a draping DDT to the floor. Orton then set up for the RKO but the Singh Brothers stopped the Viper as Mahal left. Orton then delivered RKO’s to both Singh Brothers as the show came to a close.


A fine show as WWE did a good job by building up matches and making next weeks show a must see. I liked the Nakamura match a lot and the Owens and Gable match was also good.

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