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SDLive: Ambrose hits a Dirty Deeds on Ellsworth to open the show (video)



James Ellsworth did Dean Ambrose dirty at TLC this past Sunday night on the WWE Network.

Just when it appeared that Ambrose was ready to begin his 2nd reign as WWE World Champion by defeating AJ Styles in their Tables, Ladders and Chairs main event match, Ellsworth tipped over the ladder that Ambrose stood atop of, sending him crashing into a table outside of the ring, violently. Styles would then climb the ladder with ease, much to the delight of Ellsworth, to recollect his title and continue on as the “Champ that runs the Camp.”

Ellsworth would later reveal the reasoning behind his actions on the WWE Network exclusive post show, Talking Smack. Ellsworth told Renee Young and SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan that he destroyed Ambrose due to his 3-0 record over AJ Styles.

Even though Ambrose was the reason behind all three of his wins over Styles, the delusional B-More born jobber still believes that Styles will be the best road to him procuring what arguably could be called the most prestigious title in professional wrestling, depending on who you ask.

Due to a minor ankle injury to AJ Styles, Ellsworth will not be cashing the title shot that was awarded to him for beating the champ in a ladder match a couple of weeks back on SD Live. This caused an upset Ellsworth to confront Styles during the open of tonight’s episode on the USA Network, which in turn caused Ambrose to hit one of the most satisfying ‘Dirty Deeds’ of his career. Enjoy

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