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Set Free – What’s Next for Bray, Harper and Rowan?




Luke Harper was set free. Erick Rowan was set free. Then, on Monday night, we learned “it’s coming.” Hey, WWE, please don’t make “it” anyone wearing any kind of animal costume. Please? Adam Rose’s bunny isn’t the worst thing to happen to professional wrestling, but when it’s on the same show as a “mini gator”, it can be a bit much. Leave the comedic angles to Damien Mizdow, as he is officially the greatest professional wrestler of all-time (relax, it’s a joke). Bunnies, gators and bulls aside, it does appear that “it” is coming in the form of a new Wyatt family member (or members). Speculation has already begun on who the newbies might be. NXT appears to have a few stars ready for the call-up, and The Ascension might make the most sense. They’re dark, dominant, and if Bray wants to lead another tag team, who better? The guys from the indies don’t seem like a fit, and haven’t logged enough NXT time to jump up to RAW. Kevin Steen looks closest to the part, but he’s likely a ways away. The Ascension could be the next to follow the buzzards.

What’s to make of the former Wyatt followers now? With a paper-thin babyface roster, Luke Harper might be headed for a little push, at least for some depth (WWE needs it, badly). The internet already loves him, so Harper’s ascension (no pun intended) would please marks across the web. Rowan, on the other hand, is much less over and let’s face it – much less talented than his former tag partner. He could be destined to link up with another tag partner, or be the next Authority stooge for all we know. Harper, on the other hand, could get a slow, “tester” push, perhaps in matches with upper-midcarders until he’s ready to face his former leader, Mr. Bray Wyatt. (Harper vs. Wyatt? #LetTheInternetExplode) Harper vs. Sheamus, Harper vs. Cesaro, Harper vs. Miz, Harper vs. Kane – these are all plausible matches, depending on his creative direction. Perhaps the most likely is an immediate feud with Erick Rowan.

Shot-in-the-dark predictions:

Who is “it”? – The Ascension

What’s next for Luke Harper? – A feud with Rowan, where Harper goes over and Rowan gets re-packaged.

What’s next for Erick Rowan? – A feud with Harper, as the heel. After losing to his former tag partner, he links up with The Authority, having various Smackdown matches with Dean Ambrose, and other anti-Authority figures.

What’s next for Bray Wyatt? He leads The Ascension onto the scene, and goes after Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship, as previously rumored. Wyatt wins the belt and gets challenged by Chris Jericho when he returns later this year.

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