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Seth Rollins and ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart engage in a war of words



The Daily Show with Seth Rollins? According to the current MITB briefcase holder, he’d actually make the Comedy Central staple, which has been hosted by Jon Stewart since 1999, more watchable. Stewart has stated that this will be his last year as the host of the show. Here’s what Rollins had to say on RAW last week about replacing Stewart, or possibly even being elected President.

Stewart was quick to respond, in a video that has gone viral, receiving over 1 million plus views to date. Here’s the video along with a little transcription of it below:

“Seth Rollins, you made a lot of mistakes in your life. Being a turncoat, for your brothers on The Shield. Being a toadie for The Authority. Not being able to choose which color your hair should be. But this is the biggest mistake you ever made, by coming after The Daily Show. You just stepped in a world of hurt my friend. A world of hurt that even your buddies at J & J Security aren’t gonna be able to save you from. I’m coming for you Rollins! And you’re gonna see it, 160 pounds of dynamite. Obviously not dynamite, I mean I’m, you know, my bone density is not what it used to be. 160 pounds of wood. Like a soft wood, like a pine…..My point is, you messed with the wrong guy. And I’m coming. And that’s money in the bank my friend.

This is a man who has clearly been keeping up with his WWE programming. Of course, Rollins was able to get in the last word, as he always does, via TMZ. Stay tuned for more on this developing rivalry.